Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Weekend!

I cant believe it is saturday already!  The days just keep right on flyin by dont they?    I made a couple of my triple berry lemon buttermilk cakes for an order and they just turn out so pretty!  Love them too they are super duper moist and filled with fresh frozen from our farm blueberries, red raspberries and blackberries they are flavorful.  The bling here is a lemon glaze on top.  

I did some in the smaller 8 in pan too and they look just as pretty and is the perfect size for 3-5 people.

And it is that time to start doin my dipped pretzels for shows.  I take them to my craft shows with me and they are super good.  They first get dipped in my homemade caramel then in chocolate then rolled in toppings like crushed oreo cookies, asst nuts, m & m candies, kisses well pretty much any kind of topping.  I will be listing some on my etsy and ebay site too today.
My buster brown was tired here! 
It is windy windy windy here and is suppossed to start rainin round 10 am or so and rain thru monday.  I love fall but the winds sure take care of all the pretty leaves on the trees quickly.  

And the baby loves to be covered up!! 

So does Bubba too!  Everyone was snoozing except mommy!!   Instead of goin to the kitchen I worked around the house outside all day!!  Bry and I have a good system for wood this year.  He cuts and we both work on splitting it then when he is at work I haul it to our pile and stack it.   I cheat instead of using the wheelbarrow I use our golf cart and put a trailer behind it and haul it that way.  Much easier!!   Hubby finished making his log splitter last weekend so we have been havin lots of fun using that!!  I am so very proud of him it took all summer to find the right pieces and parts and put it together but he did it and it works beautiful!! It is on a trailer thingy and works off the pto of one of our tractors, the jubilee and is safe enough for me to feel comfy using it too!!  Easy peasy that is for sure!!  even the large knotty pieces slide thru and split with ease!!  Well our 10 anniversary was last night and we did exactly what we love to do had a nice supper at home with our "boys" and watched the blind side movie.  Oh my gosh I loved that movie!!  Love Sandra Bullock and it was a great touching movie!! so inspirational and sweet!  We usually get movies and this time of year we are in the house early so watch them in the fall and thru the winter and since it is gettin dark right around 7pm now the nights are a bit longer, otherwise we are outside til at least 10pm workin and putzin around the farm.  

Oh and these turned out just delish!!  Susan and I made these from a Julia Child book and oh my gosh I could eat a whole one alone!! I love a crusty fragrant brick baked bread and these french bread loaves are it!!!   I made them into smaller loaves for market and they are excellent just lightly toasted with a bit of butter and sorghum of cource!!  Oh and I am so excited to report my inlaws are in KY this week visitin kin and they found some sorghum so I will have the small jars for sale again!!  It was a bad year I guess because they went all over tryin to find some and no one had any in stock.    At least we still have some at home but really not much at all surely not enough to make it thru the winter and no one and i mean NO ONE sells it in michigan around us!!  I would much rather go and get it direct from the makers! 

Well I better get myself together here and get the day started it is finally gettin light out now and I am late doin chores. 
Have a great weekend!! 


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary folks...and you be careful with that log splitter, my Dad lost the end of a finger using one of those.

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I just love your boys. I introduced another of my furry family last night on my blog. Take a look!!