Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy happy harvest time!!

WOW~!~ the colors outside are just truly breathtaking!! LOVE IT!! As yall know Fall is my #1 favo time of the year!! well I love summer and spring is just absolutely stunning and the snow oh my the snow is gorgeous too!! LOL but fall is my cup of tea!!  So I decided to "farmgirl bling" up some of my shortbread cookies with orange and white colors and filled them with a chocolate ganache filling!!

And since my boys like fall to I did up some of their treats fallish for them!!  I am taking some to market so the boys will have some spending $$$$$ to buy stuff at petco!!  LOL they love goin in and pickin out new toys! 

My bluebery muffins werent exempt from my "bling:" either they recieved a nice drizzel of lemon glaze and the red raspberry muffins got the same treatment. 

Here are some pics on my way home one night last week.  The leaves have been blowin off the trees the last few days so they are leavin us quickly.  The weather though has been exceptional for october.  You know hubby and I got married in late october and I insisted on gettin hitched  outisde at my parents in the orchard that day was just perfect!! 82 degrees outside so noone had to wear jackets or mittens either!  We rented a big canopy, had cornstalks in bundles tied all around, fall leaves hangin with sunflowers and red gingham bows around (my favo red gingham and denim) the aisles were straw bales, fall colored mums everywhere, our unity candle sat on a bed of fall leaves ontop of an old rusty milk can we had on our porch, the alter was wood my hubby made an outline in the shape of a barn, complete with raffia and field corn bundles.  My mom and I saved old metal cans, from like veggies and tied a denim strip around the middle with a bow of red gingham and filled them with cut mums in them for the reception tables.  And i was able to buy red gingham fabric table cloths to go on each table.  In fact I use those table cloths now at market for my tables.  LOL just reminiscing bout that day as we are approaching our 10 year anniversary next week.  October 21!  Cant believe it already!! LOVE ya babe!!!
So another reason i Love fall!! 
Better run and get things packaged up for the last South Haven farmers market of the season is tomorrow!!  Well for most of the farmers Young Earth Farm and I are gonna be goin thurs afternoons november thru april in the hardware parking lot!! email me for more info if ya like!!
Have a blessed evening yall!!


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those filled cookies look amazing