Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Peach upside down cake, pickles and muffin day

WHEW!! what a busy day~
  I am hoping the weathermen are wrong about tomorrow!!  I baked alot for market and really dont want it to get all soggy and me too!!  They were calling for more storms and windy and rain in am but you just never know here in MI!! fingers crossed!! I can handle some rain but it really chases the customers away and can be quite miserable~!  So heres a peek at my pickles I got done yesterday.  I love the way the polish ones look in the jars with all the dill and red peppers!  
I found this great gingham paper at Hobby Lobby (my favo store) I am there quite regularly and dont know if I mentioned or not but have been in their scrappin magazine a couple of times now!!  gee gotta work on a valentines day project for the 2011first quarter  magazine now!  Anyway I was so excited as they were having their paper sale so I stocked up on all the ginghams I could~!~ it came in red, green, yellow, blue, black, and orange!~! my bins are so full of papers but hey a scrappin gal can NEVER NEVER NEVER have enough papers!! HUH!~! LOL
Ok so here is an awesome new favo of mine "peach upside down cake" with  my own personal changes made to a perfect Martha Stewart cake recipe.
flipped over to reveal the beautiful peach slices along the top of cake!~  I will scale this down to make one cake for yall and post that recipe.Lots of muffins today!! These are my crunchy oat topped banana muffins, with or without nuts. Another favo for sure~ pumpkin cranberry muffins!! I was so wanting to add some of my 'farmgirl bling" to them but resisted temptation!!  gotta have some healthy not calorie filled goodies~~ somewhat healthy anyway!  Ok OK OK just as I packaged the muffins up I added just a bit of my "bling" just a dusting of powderd sugar and that made them POP~~ perfect touch~  So I also got the pumpkin spice bread done, some loaded carrot muffins, some gingersnap cookies, lavander shortbread cookies, some banana bread, my cranberry lemon pecan sandwich cookies and some cardamom crumb cakes.
OH and ps!~!!~ SURVIVOR is on it's new night~!~ I am off to watch my recorded desperate housewives show before hubby gets home!~ HEE HEE i know it is crazy but I am so so addicted to that show and am watching all the reruns to get up to date for when the show premiers for the new season!! LOL
LOVE all those women!! but Susan is my favo!!
Have a blessed evening!!

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