Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pickeled radish, watermelon lime ice and more

HEY YALL!!  What a baking week!!  and a hot one outside too!! We have been in the 90s for 2 days now and humid as all!!  GOSH what a difference from last week but that is ok tomorrow is gonna drop again in the 70s and be perfect!! except there is a 60% chance of thunderstorms which may or may not even happen!!  We will see in the am, I have Allegan market unless it is stormin I am plannin on goin. 
WE ARE MAKING FRUIT ICE NOW!! well similar to sorbet!!  The first batch was a trial and is goin to markets this week!! Watermelon lime!! what a combo!  So far all the taste testers love it including me!!  I used a seedless sugar sweet baby watermelon and squeezed fresh lime juice then zested 2 limes to make 2 9x13 pans.  This was super simple and used very minimal sugar like only 1 cup maybe for the whole batch which since the watermelon was so sweet I cut back to between 1/2 and 1 cup.  U make a simple syrup and puree the fruit in a processor then mix the two to blend good and pour into shallow pans to freeze, you do have to stir it the first few hours on and off and break up the chunks but after that I left it alone overnight in the freezer.  So refreshing!! We already have about 6 more different flavor combos to try out one being blackberry cardamom! this was Susan's idea, last summer I took her some black berries from our farm and she made a syrup with cardamom and oh my gosh it intensifies the flavor of the fruit so much!!  I was gonna try a lavender lemon one and mabye a strawberry basil or peach basil one too!!  so many cool things to make.  We are on a roll with goin forward to making some ice cream cakes and frozen deserts I cant wait to start offering them at markets!!

This is my pickeled radishes!!  I made a brine like for my pickeled asparagus then sliced some fresh red radishes from market and let them sit in it for a couple of days.  It is really good, I had them on my turkey sandwich today.  

A poor pic of my watermelon lime ice

I zested these limes then squeezed the juice for the ice with them.  

A few pans of my lemon tea cakes, they just need to be dipped in lemon glaze. 

And I made 4 batches of my honey cinnamon graham crackers.   Instead of using a fork to poke holes in the grahams I used a round star tip.  We have great tool to use now that cuts them into squares so I can get them pretty much the same size now!! YEAH!! WOOPIE!! 

Also I made some strawberry banana bread, my glazed pistachio bread, choc chip cookies, my rustic roasted pepper n mozzarella tarts, cranberry pecan lemon cookies, peanut butter whooopie pie cookies,  cheddar pepper bread, shortbread flower cookies, those little cream filled shortbread cookielets in strawberry and chocolate ganache' and some of my taco seasoning packages also.   I think that might be it for now.    I do have everything ready to bake some upside down caramel apple cakes and also some cherry almond crisp.  Those will be baked tomorrow after market. 
Allegan Market thursday, Saugatuck Green Market friday, and South Haven Market on saturday!!  Full market week this week~  YEAH!!
So hope yall have a great night! Will be back soon to share more baking!!

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