Sunday, June 5, 2011

Super sunday!!

Today has been just super wonderful and sunny!   My mom and I made some jam this am, I planted more squash in our garden and more tomato plants that have been patiently waiting to get their little roots in the dirt and grow.   Also it has been a glorious day of eggs hatching.  A customer brought us some turkey eggs they found abandoned in the woods last weekend so we put them in an incubator and hoped for the best.  WELLLLLLLLLLLL 6 have hatched right now and one more is working on coming into the world.  Here are some step by step pics of what we got to witness (which we never tire of experiencing on the farm)

U can see the little chips off these eggs, you can put the egg up to your ear and listen to the eggs slowly cracking and a faint little "chirp" inside at this point

A bit more off this one, you can just barely see the beak inside

A close up of the beak along the left side of egg

the membrane inside the egg wasnt peeled yet but very close and the chick will be out

THERE IT IS!! this one I captured and snapped at the perfect time, it happens so fast you pretty much miss it, they are very eager little ones to get stretched out! 

These were the first ones to hatch all the rest followed very closely

Arent they litle cuties!!   So we have 7 little baby turkeys now.  They are in a box with a heat lamp on them.  "Welcome to our farm little ones!"
This was a new concoction I made for us the other night, will definetely be made again for markets this week!!  "Rustic mozzarella roasted pepper tart"  I made some of my pie dough, rolled it out to about a 10 in circle, sprinkled some olive oil and some fresh parmesean and romano cheeses, then topped with some roasted red pepper slices and pieces of some fresh tomatoes, the edges were folded over the top and brushed with olive oil.  I baked them and when done added some fresh minced sweet basil and oregano.  OH this was a perfect light supper and the flavor was really something!!  GREAT!!

I like that you can do it without a pan they were baked on stones and had a nice crisp crust.
So hope yall had a great weekend, almost over now.   Monday will be a full day of gettin cookie doughs made and maybe some bread dough to freeze and also pickeled asparagus. So far I have done up 50 pounds and now want to make some "clucking hot" pickeled asparagus and also I have some pickeled radish and carrots in the fridge at kitchen I cant wait to taste.
Have a wonderful sunday evening!!
Will be back with more soon!! thanks for stopping by chicken scratch farm!!

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