Wednesday, June 15, 2011

baking and baking and more baking............

Hey everyone!!  What a fun and exciting week so far!!  I have made some new and absolutely delish goodies up!!
First is my new CHERRY BLACK RASPBERRY PIE, with a butter streusle topping, then I made up some ice cream cakes that were pistachio and red velvet with locally made vanilla ice cream (disaster happened to them)  some strawberry lemonade sorbet, chocolate ganache filled chocolate thumbprint cookies with pistachios, rhubarb cakes, cardamom sugar topped black raspberry muffins,

I am trying to use up the rest of last years crop we had frozen, cardamom goes so well with berries I made a nice little sugary topping with some cardamom for these muffins. 

My cherry pie filling along with some black raspberries for added sweetness and a bit of zing flavor burst!! 

Some butter crumb streusle topping on top

all baked and ready for market. 

My Grandma Roses's southern buttermilk shortcakes! 

Scooped out middles of my red velvet cupcakes replaced with some cream cheese frosing

And the scooped out part makes a cute little hat for these guys!

These are my sweet roll dough filled with some cinnamon streusel crunch

A pretty pink peony in the garden. 

Strawberry banana muffins

Another new one for me my Coconut Macaroon Pies

If u like macaroons then this is a must have for ya!!  LOL I just have to drizzel chocolate in the bottoms and ontop and they would be perfect for me!  LOL
Some graham crackers, hamburger buns, blueberry lemon buttermilk muffins, carrot cakes, and lots of cookies and I think that was about it for the last 3 days of baking.  I still have some things to make for market on saturday but tomorrows market goodies are done!  NOW on to our little disaster!  The big freezer at the kitchen shut off in the middle of the night last night, of cource yesterday Susan and I made some wonderful little ice cream cakes and sorbet and some ice cream sandwiches made with my chocolate chip cookies that all became one bit melted glob at the bottom of the freezer!  I so wish I would have taken pics of the cakes, they were so adorable and well we just had to try one too and we all loved it!! the bottom layer was my pistachio cake, then a layer of locally made vanilla ice cream then a layer of red velvet cake and top it all off with another layer of ice cream and some chocolate sprinkles on top.  CUTE CUTE and YUMMO!!  but all gone..........=( oh well I will make more on friday. 
Hope yall have a great night!
Talk more soon!

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