Sunday, June 12, 2011

SW MI farmers market~!~

All I can say is WOW!~ chickawowwow!   We had a wonderful day at South Haven Farmers Market sat!~!~  Even with 11 bakers booths there we sold out of alot of my offferings!   I offered my cheese filled ravioli and pierogies this week which sold out and all my muffins and coconut macaroon pies were a big hit!!  I am just thrilled and so thankful for being able to do this and also make enough to stay in business and grow!! It was a cold day but everyone who tried the watermelon lime ice loved it!!  More to make this week!~!  I sold alot of cookies, my grandmother Rose's slovenien kolachky recipe went over excellent!!  I did them with some of our homemade apricot preserves.  Several hamburger/sandwich buns were sold and actually I had enough to bring a couple home for hubby and I for sandwiches today!!  yeah!! It isnt often I get to bring things home and we enjoy them ourselves.
NEW THIS WEEK!!!  My PB&J cookie pies were a HUGE HIT!!   I used my fluffy soft n chewy peanut butter pies and filled them with some fresh strawberry infused buttercream filling!~!  To use fruit in my buttercream's I simply puree the fresh fruits then cook a bit to thicken them up and then add small amounts to the filling.   YUMMY!!  I am not a big peanut butter fan but I had to have one of these guys!! and they were great!! 
This week I have a girl coming to kitchen to help, scoop out dough and weigh out some ingredients so I can have a nice big variety this sat for the HARBORFESTIVAL IN SOUTH HAVEN MI!! 
My mom and I did 40 pounds of pickeled asparagus "clucking hot' and mild available and are making strawberry peach preserves and more blueberry jalapeno preserves. 
I will put my camera in my bag early tomorrow to be sure I have it with to share out newest creations this week!! FROZEN ICE CREAM PIES AND LAYERED CAKES using locally made ice cream and my made from scratch goods!!!  and more ice's.
Hope yall have a great and peaceful sunday!! we have to go pick up a load of wood to start stockin up for winter and also need to do some farm chores and trim Ms Rosie May's and Beau's hooves!  Soo much to do!!! 

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The Olde Country Cupboard said...

Everything sounds good, so glad you have a great success with your baking. wish you were closer, everything sounds yummy.