Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back from the tractor show

Well vacation is over and it is back to work.  We got back monday and had lots to do the last couple of days, funny how we have so much work getting ready for vacation, during vacation and when we get back home huh!  Anyway it's all good!! We had a wonderful time and the boys loved camping.  This was Bruno's first tractor show and I think he had a great time.  Buster has been goin with us since he was a pup and he is 10 now so he is quite the experienced camper.  LOL  they enjoyed seeing all the people and love to lay on our bed to look our the front of the 5th wheel and see everyone and everything goin on plus they all go for rides on the golf cart around the campground.  

thursday night was our annual tractor cruise where we get a police escort into town and drive down to the beach.  This year I think they said there were 60or so tractors? the last couple of years it was well over 100 tractors and doodlebugs too.
It was windy and really cold outside that night so maybe that kept a few away.  This was the view  from the front of our H tractor.

A dear friend and his son in the cruise.  He just got this pretty Allis Chalmers done in time for the show.  LOVE that orange!!  GREAT JOB!!

My niece Carissa sitting on our Allis tractor.

On sunday a few men from the American Legion came over and did a special memorial with the boy scouts for 9/11 and that was very touching!  Seen alot of teary eyed folks attend it was something special.

Another front seat view goin to the beach

My sister in law being Silly mommy!! Carrie posing for Carissa.
Well I just wanted to pop in and let yall know I am back and will be back to work.  I have market today so it is an early day for me.   Made some new treats including a banana cake with maple crumb topping, fresh red raspberry scones, apple muffins with maple topping, red raspberry muffins topped with cinnamon pecan streusle, red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, pineapple goo cake with coconut icing, and some herbed dumplings for Allegan Market today.    Hope yall have a great thursday!!  Cold here it is only 45 this am!! crazy!!  90 last week and now chances of frost! so not ready for cold weather we have to get our wood supply ready.
Will be back with more tomorrow!!

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