Sunday, September 25, 2011

pumpkin cookies

Well today was a wet and chilly day outside.   It rained from the time I got up this am and is still raining tonight.  We really did need some rain it was quite dry out.  Next week looks like we should have a few pretty nice fall days so Buster and I can take our golf cart with a trailer and head thru the woods gatheting kindling for the wood furnace.  We have fun doin that and I usually have at least 3 big piles of sticks. 

Remember my little nekked punkin cookies from friday??  Here they are all dressed for fall.

I just made a quick butter cream frosting and piped on a couple of little curly vines on each.

This is a pic of a blurry pic but it is the top of my pumpkin cake roll.

These are fun to make and taste sooooooooooo yummy!! this was ours at home.   Hubby and I love pumpkin goodies.  This week for markets will be all about pumpkins!!!
My grandma Rose's spiced pumpkin pie bread, pumpkin pie cake, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin muffins with maybe a cinnamon butter streusle topping, pumpkin mini pies and pumpkin bread pudding (which by the way is my most favo of my bread puddings) comes with a creamy cinnamon sauce.
I also have some fresh apples we picked so I am thinking maybe maple apple bread pudding, apple bars and some caramel apples.  Fun fun fun!
I should do some apple butter and pumpkin butter but not sure I will have time.  I have orders for pierogi and cookies for the weekend. Blue Coast Artists fall tour is this weekend and I want to make some special desserts for our farmstand.

Hope yall have a restful evening.  I am off to watch the season premier of one of my favo shows.............. Desperate Housewives!!  love that show and have watched reruns of old episodes on lifetime several tims over!! LOL
Talk soon!!

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