Monday, September 26, 2011

My new ideas

So with my hubby loosing his job I have been trying to come up with some new ideas for my markets.   Thus Chicken Scratch Gourmet CSA program is now underway!!    So far this is what I am doing= I send an email out to my customer list on sun/mon, they will get to choose an entree item, a bread item and a desert item from a list of options.
Here is what the first week of it looks like=
Entrees= white chili, potato corn chowder or vegetarian chili
Bread= rustic herbed biscuit loaf, cornbread or rosemary foccacia
Desert= fresh apple crisp, spiced baked apples, mini pumpkin pie, or an asst box of cookies
I am goin to do this by the week to keep it affordable for customers.  $13.00 this week.  
Obviously I am pretty new to this so I am gonna put it out there for any of you to leave me advise or comments or ideas.  It is greatly appreciated!! 
Today was such a beautiful fall day cool in the am and a bit rainy  then now at 6pm it is 63 degrees and sunny. 
Today all I did was make a few batches of pierogi, and some mixes up for this weeks baking.  I am gonna do some almond spritz cookies, maybe pumpkin shapes and dip in an orange glaze for this weekends fall tour group.
My precious boys are doing wonderful and hubby is comin up with some new business adventure ideas for him too. 
I wish we had the funds to buy a food truck and go a few times a week to the city to sell lunches and early dinners.  But that isnt gonna happen any time soon.  Darnit! LOL I just think that would be so much fun!! to be creative with food and go to the people!! 
Kind of on a larger scale than markets and I just love doing markets.
Hope yall have a wonderful night~~ I will be back soon with pics of what I am making


Nancy Markosky said...

Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm- wish I was just a bit closer so I could put my order in with you- everything sounds delicious! I'm in GR- just a little too far. Good luck with your new venture!

Kim said...

Sounds wonderful! You have the same attitude that I do. Don't llok at the problem just look at the solution.