Saturday, October 1, 2011

CSA and baked goods

My first week of the CSA program went really well!! THANK YOU to everyone that ordered and bought from me!!  I have some ideas for next weeks menu options like stuffed fresh cabbage rolls with homemade tomato sauce,  chicken enchilada casserole, eggplant casserole, stuffed acorn squash and maybe some broccoli something soup.  I got beautiful fresh cabbage, squash, eggplant and broccoli from market today!! I so love getting and using locally grown produce for us at home and also now to offer my customers.  So you get the idea each week will be different depending on what is available at market.  I do have to say Fleming Farm and Visser Farm have the best produce around!! THANKS guys for bringing it to us.  We grew some things in the garden but ya know I got so busy with baking that the produce here kind of fell by the wayside, I have tomatoes and some taters but overall not enough to use for my offerings. 
I made some pumpkin bread pudding with a creamy cinnamon sauce using our french bread loaves.  OH MY GOSH SUCH PUMPKINGOODNESS!!  I have to say of all the bread puddings I have done this is the bestest ever! the pumpkin custard is just so velvety smooth and just yummy! 
Susan sauteed some fresh veggies and chunked up tofu to fill homemade egg rolls.  This was a trial this week which we are baking them instead of frying and they were good.  A quick homemade sauce and yummo!! BUT next time no tofu and she is gonnna use cabbage and some thin oriental noodles too.  I am not a tofu fan at all but to keep a vegetarian dish we tried it. 

All rolled up brushed with olive oil and ready for the oven. 

This was so delish!! A pumpkin sour cream cake, I topped it with a bit of my butter crumb struesel and some chopped toasted pecans.

That recipe was so excellent I decided to make another batch up for muffins!! those sold out within an hour this am!

Another pumpkin sour cream bundt cake with a cinnamon glaze.  So good!!

 Only 2 more satuday markets to go in South Haven but dont fret...........we are coming on wed from 3-6 november thru april at Foundry Hall!!  Will fill yall in more in the next few days.
Hope yall have a wonderful weekend.
IF you are out and about our area today and tomorrow was our annual Blue Coast Artist Fall Tour, a great road trip around the lakeshore area of local studios and private galleries.   My dear friends studio KNEUMU is a must stop!! she is off 113th ave just a few short minutes from our farm.  SHE has the most amazing raku fired pottery!!! and has a great farm with lost of "girls" running around (chicks and more) stop and say hey to DAWN AND ROB!! 
Off to get some much needed rest tonight!! 
Talk more soon!

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