Monday, October 3, 2011

Stuffed cabbage and soup day

Week 2 is here already and it was a gorgeous gorgeous fall day.  Sunny and warm this afternoon so my mom and I took my brother to pick apples which are absolutely wonderful  I forgot my camera but will try to take it as we are getting more tomorrow, we have red delicious, golden delicious, and macintosh.  I see apple dumplings for market this week! and maybe apple oat bread or apple pies or welllllllllll apple stuff!!  LOL
Early this am I made hubby a pot of tater corn chowder soup.  He loves taters and will actually eat the carrots in the soup since I chop them up really super small!!  Using as much local produce I am making soups daily now.  This was one of my featured soups last week. 

This is my favo soup I make!! My creamy tomato veggie soup with homemade egg noodles.   OH MY GOODNESS!! I have to say this might be the best pot of this kind of soup ever!!  I make it all the time in the winter when we have tomatoes frozen but I used fresh ones and some cream and roasted some red peppers that I put in the processor with some sweet basil from my brothers herbs.   YUMMY!! 

I love it but hubby is not a fan so I will take some over to my mom and dads and make another pot, hopefull just as good for my markets this week!! I love being a guinnea pig sometimes! LOL
So tomorrow we will be making stuffed cabbage rolls, and getting prep work done for a busy busy wed.  I like to get all my veggies cut up and prepped for the week on mondays and tues, and try to get all my dry ingredient mixes up and ready so wed I just add the wet and bake everything.    My menu this week also has on some smothered fresh green beans with red peppers and bacon and onions.  We will have some tonight to try it out and tweek it a bit to make wed for my csa menu.    I am also doing a vegetarian dish so it will be black bean vegetarian chili. A chicken enchilada casserole will also be on the menu.   Made this before and hopefully I can remember how I made it since it was really good.    Another dish for my csa this week.   I will be offering black olive sage baguette bread, cornbread or muffins,  And for desert options they get to choose either pumpkin cake, pineapple cake with coconut icing, or apple cinnamon bread pudding with a creamy cinnamon sauce.  So that means to make some french bread too.  Goodness  I need to write these things down as I make it and forget all I put in something.  *NOTE TO SELF* write it down!!!!  LOL
So hope yall had a wonderful monday!!
Talk to ya more tomorrow!! with pics at the kitchen!!


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