Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CSA workin wed

Hey everyone!!   WHEW!! What a wild wed it has been!!  This am I took my brother to his job, he volunteers with a job coach at Habitat for Humanity resale store.   He wipes things down and dusts shelves and so on.  His regular lady who he has had for umpteen years had to resign her position and we all miss her but I have taken on some of her things she did with him.   We had fun!!     when I got back it was time to get my butt to the kitchen and get things ready for tomorrow!!  This week's csa menu had the main entrees of :  tomato mushroom quiche with a cornbread crust and fresh thyme,  a pasta casserole with andouille sausage from Young Earth Farm and my homemade tomato sauce, our homemade cheese filled ravioli with a tomato basil sauce and then for bread options they had cheddar pepper bread or italian herb foccacia.

The filling chopped ingredients for quiche

Brought a couple dozen of our chicken eggs for the quiche  it took 22 eggs!!

The cornbread crust with a bit of fresh chopped thyme from Joe's herbs

Baked up and nice n golden

Cheddar pepper bread

nice and brown in the oven almost ready to pull it out!

my tomato basil noodles waiting for sauce

and there is the sauce

I thought it would look finished with a bit of farmgirl "bling"  LOL yepper it isnt just for baked goods!! LOL  some fresh chopped baby spinach and some parm bread crumbs 

I also got some double chocolate gooey butter cakes made, some pumpkin cake rolls filled with cream cheese filling, red velvet cake frosted with cream cheese frosting, red velvet cupcakes, pumpkin spice bread, pistachio bread, pumpkin muffins with cinnamon sugar tops, and the italian herb foccacia.  So WHEW!! I am one tired chic here.  NOW it is time to kick back and watch surviror and eat my wonderful supper my dear sweet hubby made.  We are having breakfast which is fine by me!! LOVE bacon, eggs, hash browns and my fresh cheddar bread!!
Have a wonderful evening!


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Kim said...

I just love seeing what all you made.