Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy fall monday

Happy Happy day here!!  I am so doing a happy dance right now!!  Last week at market my necklace broke which had my silver heart charm on it my hubby bought me last year for our anniversary, it was special to me as he and our Bubba dog went to pick it up after being engraved with my boys names on it!!  As some of you know we lost our Bubba in feb this year and it just made me treasure it even more!  So this while goin thru my bags there it was on the bottom under some papers!!! WOO HOO!! YEE HAWW~ so happy happy now!

So here is a pumpkin guy I finally finshed up yesterday.  He is gonna greet customers in the farmstand but not for sale I like him too much to sell him!! LOL

This clump of trees is in our pasture and every fall it gives off such a wonderful show of color I had to take another pic of it! 

These are along the pasture just starting to change.

I made up some soft n chewy pumpkin cookies and topped them with a bit of "farmgirl" bling.  Some clear sugar crystals.

Glazed pumpkin latte cakes.

Smaller version of the pumpkin latte cake

And made some more of my pumpkin poke guys.  They are just too darn cute to stick around here and there.  I sold all of what I had at market so made up13 more. 

one more of my sweet punkin jack. 
It is gonna be another beautiful fall day here in the 70s so I am off to get my grocery shopping done and maybe head to the kitchen to get a few prep things done up.  I just really really want to stay at home and play outside with the boys ya know.  Oh well hope yall have a wonderful monday and will be back soon with more fun things!!

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Kim said...

I just love reading about all you got going on. Thanks for sharing.