Thursday, October 20, 2011

week 4 csa options

This weeks options were: entrees= chicken rice casserole, pesto chicken pasta, vegetarian zucchini ricotta bake, apple stuffing stuffed acorn squash (pictured above) vegetarian stuffed pepers, carrot soup, and white chili

And here is the carrot soup.  I have to say I do love fresh carrots but I LOVE this soup.  This will be a recipe I am sharing for yall it is divine!!  Coconut milk makes it vegan also and lends a really smooth creamy flavor to this soup.  I added dried parsley to the recipe and also used crysallyzed ginger (which is really a nice flavor in here) 

The chicken rice casserole is really yummy with tostitos multi grain chips and the pesto pasta was really yummy too.

Local tomatoes, onions, zucchini and organic black and white beans

And some red velvet cake truffles dipped in white chocolate and accented with a bit of red swirl

Here's the chix rice casserole, I made it so we can try it out topped with some fresh chopped cilantro.  I really wanted to put a dollop of sour cream on top but actually for the first time ever didnt have any here at home.  I have 2 large tubs at the kitchen but none here! 

White chili soup. 
Next week we start our csa/winter market at Foundry Hall in South Haven on wed from 3-6pm.  Our summer markets are about over so it is time for indoor markets!! wish we would have been inside today, I took my orders to market and left due to the terrible winds and rain and it is darn right coldddddddddddddd!! BRRRRRRR!!  too early for this cold, but I did work in my craft studio on some micorscope slide ornaments for xmas and some painting on my smen signs for a consignment shop. YEAH!!
and I  have a fire in the furnace goin so it is nice and cozy in our little house.  =)  My boys are curled in a comforter on the couch next to me so all is good in the world right now!!  Hubby should be home anytime now.  I think we are having some acorn squash tonight and wellllllllllllllllllllll not sure what else but I do have bacon out so something with bacon for sure!! YUMMY!! 
Hope yall have a great evening!
Be back soon

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