Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beautiful fall days

WOW it has been just gorgeous this week!! A bit of rain but also sun and in the 60s!!   The news just said we could have sprinkles tomorrow thru monday each day but nice and dry today!! I wish this could last into november and then snow in december!!  LOL I put my order in but not too sure it will deliver but I tried!!  LOL
So this was a busy busy week so far and I am sure feeling it, today is our first winter market in South Haven at FOUNDRY HALL and tomorrow is our last thursday market in ALLEGAN!!  So that meant I only had mon and tues to get things ready instead of m-w this weeek.  Makes a huge difference but next week things will be calmer! 
I did some cranberry orange muffins

Chocolate brownies with peanut butter chips

And some cinnamon roll bread pudding.  I have to say I usually make some french bread for my bread puddings but decided to use my egg bread instead. OH MY GOSH! CAN U SAY SUPER YUMMO!! I will never never use just french bread ever again!!  LOL this was absolutely the bestest bread pudding I have ever made or eaten.  So rich buttery and amazing!!  I did make a creamy vanilla cinnamon sauce to heat up and pour over it.  I used our fresh eggs to make this bread and you can see the richness of fresh eggs in the color of the bread nice and creamy yellow/gold color. 

Fresh out of the oven!!  a bit crispy on top which was so good as is but then with the sauce on top oh my cinnamony goodness! 

Fresh from the oven cranberry muffins

On my csa list was chicken pot pies.  I did them with my flaky pie dough crust and some rosemary sprigs added.  These smelled so good!!  The filling is rotiserrie chicken, some local taters, onions, carrots, and zucchini squash.  and some herbs. 

I watched food network the other day and Sandra Lee's show had this potato carmalized onion tart that sounded good so I thought I would offer that.  Made up my flaky butery crust a bit thicker for these, there is a layer of herbed cream cheese spread ontop of crust, then top with thinly sliced taters and top with onions.  I also put a bit of italian seasoning on the top and a bit of parmesan cheese. 

They look pretty and had a good taste but I would change something next time just not sure what yet. 

Parmesan crusted foccacia loaves 

And I did up some vegetarian lasagna rolls.   Cooked noodles, then added some cooked fresh spinach mixed with ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese and a bit of sour cream then added some of my homemade tomato sauce.  Rolled up and put ontop a bed of chopped tomatoes and sauce. 

They turned out good and I will make them again.  I did try them with fresh homemade noodles but they were way to soft to roll and just tore too easy so bought some organic ones at a local health food store and they worked alot better. 
My mom and I also made some baked ziti casseroles, butternut squash soup, harvest potato vegetable soup (which was really thick, flavorful and comforting) and some pumpkin muffins. 
Looking forward to next weeks menu I am thinking maybe some creamed spinach, ministrone, a chicken pasta dish and apple dumplings. 
If you are near us and want to order any of our menu options you can email me, or like us on facebook at chickenscratchfarm and I can arrange to bring it and meet you.
So I am off to get ready  to get to the kitchen early today since I am going to be at market this afternoon.
LOTS to do!!
Hope yall have a blessed day and I will be back soon with more goodies!!


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