Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wet wed!!

There is something so serene and peaceful to listening to a light rain fall!!  That is what woke me up this am at 3.30.  We are suppossed to get rain most of the day which actually is a good thing it was gettin a bit dry out there.   I just love warm summer days with a light rain it feels so refreshing and the smell is heavenly.   
peach blueberry muffins

my red raspberry jalapeno jam  super yummmmmmmmmmo

peach raspberry loaves

cardamom bread

pistachio bread fresh out of oven

peach blueberry pound cakes waiting for glazing

my favo combo peaches and blueberries

peach blueberry pound cakes

Dale and hubby working on a project at tractor show

a peek of the corner of archway hubby is working on  I dont want to show all of it as it will be unvieled at show but I can say it is gonna be awesome and look just perfect for the spot it is goin

This week has been a busy one but after labor day things tend to wind down at markets a bit which means I have some extra time to work in my studio!! CANT WAIT!! been way too long.  I have alot of halloween things I want to make for fall.  Fall ahhhhhhhhhh my absolutely favo time of year, the mornings have been more fall like the past 2 weeks so it is a comin!! 
My list of things made this week and to also finish up today at the kitchen have been: peach blueberry pound cakes, peach raspberry cakes, peach blueberry and peach raspberry muffins, peach pecan muffins, peanut butter cream filled peanut butter cookie pies, banana nut bread, pistachio bread, cardamom bread loaves,  peach and apple pies, and some mini pies, and 2 batches of my red raspberry jalapeno preserves.  
 The savory chicken scratch gourmet items this week are:  stuffed peppers, stuffed shells with homemade tomato sauce, chicken veggie pies, roasted red herbed tater slices, and hopefully I will get done today eggplant casserole.
Plus 3 kinds of pierogie and lots of cookies!  So we have been busy busy but fun busy!  I love trying and making new things and am so very thankful for alll my customers that allow me to prepare things for their families to enjoy!  It really gives me a sense of joy and pride to provide unique menu options and using all local farm fresh produce helps our local farms also. A win win situation here!  Thanks to Fleming Farm's for all the wonderful squash, cuckes, pickles, taters and peppers and Thanks to Visser Farm's produce also it is amazing!
We have been goin to the campground here and there, our 5th wheel has been out there since aug 1st and we are enjoying gettin away with the boys overnight.  I just say "who wants to go camping" and they all do about 500 miles an hour running around the house and to the door and back! they love goin and I so enjoy seeing these guys happy. LOL   IT will be different this year for tractor show since we dont have our Bubba with us, he loved goin camping too and hubby would take him for a ride everynight before bedtime, cruising around checkin on all our tractors,  Buster has been goin the longest, we started taking him when he was not quite a year old in 2001 and he's been there every year with us and enjoys it as much as we do, but this year  we have our new guy Bruno who is lovin goin also. Home away from home.  My three little campers!! LOL
I better get to printing my labels for market stuff and then head over to the kitchen, today is Alesabeth's last day, she's movin out of state, I sure have enjoyed her working with me this summer and will miss her! THANKS for all your hard work!!
Hope yall have a great wed and I will be back soon!!

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