Monday, August 15, 2011

A beautiful day~

this was an absolutely glorious monday!!  It was almost 80 degrees and sunny and just sw mi perfection!~!~ these are what our summer days are and we throughly enjoy with no humidity! 
After running a few errands this am my precious boys and I took a nice long nap this afternoon and sat outside and enjoyed the weather on our deck.
The weekend was about as miserable as they get at market.  Saturday was our big blueberry festival in South Haven and it was just terrible outside.  I got there around 5 am so I could get my booth set up before the storms were coming in, it was thundering over the lake and by 5.15 the lightning was actually scary and striking all around us, I got the canopies up and everything unloaded and the rain started, it was a downpour!!  My neighbors and I had secured our canopies down but the wind kicked up so hard it ripped a side and bent the pipes on their canopy.  We held it down but it still broke. 
The rain stopped for a short time and by daylight it looked like the sun might come out and it was clearing up... we could at least dry off a bit but oh no.........rain started up again and then just a steady downpour!~! it was like that for a couple of hours and by 11.00 they were saying there was another storm coming thru with high winds and torrential downpours.  We packed it up!  Enough was enough.  rain and baked goods just dont mix LOL

Here are some of my cheddar sweet pepper foccacia loaves

For my thursday market
I made some eggplant casserole!  YUMMY.  I am not an eggplant fan but I would definetly eat this for supper.

Blueberry bread loaves cooling off

Blueberry cheesecake bars these have been a big hit at makets~

 squash, peppers and brown rice simmering for my stuffed peppers

My stuffed peppers for market

This was a new recipe and will definetly be made again it was a keeper and super yummy!!  Blueberry and cream cheese filling in sweet bread braided. 

My blueberry cheese filled bear claws

Blueberry crumb cakes

Blueberry and peachy blueberry mini pies

braided bread loaves

After market on saturday I met my hubby and boys and my inlaws out at the campground.  It was nice to camp overnight.  We are goin back this comin weekend and we cant wait.  We have projects out at the flywheelers to finish up before the big antique engine and tractor show in sept!  That is our yearly vacation and we have a blast!  There are some great people there and my family and friends and best part my butt is in a tractor seat almost all week! LOL
So hope yall have a wonderful monday and I will try to post regularly, just have one more big market week for labor day and things will slow down!  YEAH!! I am exhausted these days.
Thursday is Allegan Market
Friday is Saugatuck Market
Saturday is South Haven Market
Thanks for stopping by!

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