Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A quick-n-easy pie recipe for yall!

This was our supper last night and absolutely delish!!  I used an already made rotiserrie chicken in it and some fresh locally grown veggies, zucchini, sweet pepper, onion, taters, carrots and celery all from within 20 miles of us!!  YUMMY!  I made a few more for market tomorrow in ALLEGAN. 

When I made the homemade crust it is actually my pie dough but with one addition!  some fresh minced rosemary.  Not only did it taste yummy is smelled divine!! 

Homemade spincach pasta drying, fresh locally grown wonderful spinach

These are my peach pecan muffins for market tomorrow too, Gold Coast Farm's fresh peaches and some toasted pecans make these irresistable for sure.

I had some red raspberries in the freezer so made some buttermilk raspberry muffins

NOW I want to share something easy peasy and super delish with yall!!  My mother in law made this pie for us last weekend while camping and literallyl it takes minutes, 4 ingredients and one bowl and spatula!! 
You take a 20oz can of crushed pineapple, drain it then top with one box of lemon instant pudding.  Mix together, the pineapple will thicken up then add a container of cool whip and fold until blended.

I cheated and bought an already made graham cracker crust but you can certainly make your own.

Scoop it into pie shell and chill!! OH yummyness!!
I want to make this with mandarin oranges and vanilla pudding, or strawberries with cheesecake pudding!  Too many things to try but at least this is one easy and quick dessert!~  Hubby ate 1/2 the pie so I needed to make another one for him. 
Well I am off to finish things at the kitchen for markets this week.
Hope everyone is safe and sound and makes it thru this stromy day ok!! 

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