Monday, August 8, 2011

Blueberry Festival this weekend

OH MY GOODNESS this summer is just goin by wayyyyyyyy too quickly~~  cant believe it is August and the big BLUEBERRY FESTIVAL is this weekend in South Haven MI~  We will do alot of blueberry goodies this week including my blueberry cheese bread, blueberry cheese crumb cakes, my blueberrry jalapeno preserves, blueberry orange preserves, blueberry cheesecake bars (so yummy) blueberry muffins, blueberry cheese pie, fresh blueberry pies, country blueberry jam, peach blueberry jam, blueberry coffee cakes and welllllllllllllll more blueberry things!! along with my other goodies. And dont forget this weekend we offer blueberry cheese pieorgies for markets too!~ 
So here are a few of the girls out roamin around with Donald our white peking duck and Ms Luella Alcott our female peacock.

We had a little visitor on our deck rail the other morning and I just had to grab a pic or two.  It was so cool looking, some kind of moth after the second pic it flew away but was so pretty!~

Never seen one like this, it reminds me of a mideval kind of plate or something. 

filing for my stuffed zucchini last week!! those were good! I just chopped up a bunch of sweet peppers, asst squash and some onions along with a topper of crushed crackers and parmesan cheese and butter and stuffed them in little zucchini boats.

They were a big hit at markets so doing more this week for Allegan Market on thursday. 

Lavender shortbread cookies were also a big hit!

I had an idea since I just love dipped pretzels, (it has been such a hot humid summer I havent made them for markets yet) but to incorporate this into a cookie,  So our newest cookie was born!!  Chocolate chip cookie dough, homemade caramel sauce swirled thru then added chopped pretzel sticks!!  Ok can you say YUMMY????  they sure were and a big hit at markets!!  I have to try and get another couple of batches of them made for this week.

these were my brownies but baked in a mini muffin pan and then their little bums were dipped in white chocolate and they had a bit of it drizzeled on their tops too. 

Some blueberry banana muffins and lemon poppyseed muffins ready for market.

Their is Ms. Alcott now!!  She is so pretty but her mate Prince is beautiful, I keep trying to coax him into fanning out his big gorgeous tail feathers while I have a cam in hand but havent gotten him yet!   
I did up 5 batches of my dear sweet Grandma Rose's polish dill pickle slices and have about that many more to do today and more of my bread and butter slices.  too bad cukes dont hold up better longer but with the high humidity we have had they start molding very quickly, infact a few hours after picking they start with powder mold on the surfaces so have to work with them babies asap! 
So hope yall are enjoying this beautiful time of year and have a super monday~
I will try to share more this week but it is just a busy busy week for us and I am off to the kitchen to work now~ ENJOY

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