Monday, August 22, 2011

Pickles and butterflies

HAPPY HAPPY MONDAY!! Well today was a fun day making pickles!  I did 48 pints of bread n butter pickles for markets since we were sold out quick.
I did round slices and then also long slices for sandwiches or burgers.

The first batch just out of canner

ready for labels

This guy was outside on the butterfly bush looking so so pretty

Stinker everytime I tried to get it's pic it would turn around

That one was the best

Sour cream cinnastrueusle filled muffins

blueberry bread

these pound cakes were delish!!  orange poppyseed with a nice orange glaze ontop

I just love bundt cakes!! this week since we are in peach season I am making fresh peach pound cake, peach praline crisp, peach praline muffins, and some peach bread.   Also I bought a couple of rotiserrie chickens and am making chicken veggie pies, stuffed peppers, and some fresh spinach fettucini.   
Markets this week
Saturday=South Haven
if you want to order anything and pick it up at markets just call or email me!!
I will gladly make it up and bring it for ya!
Have a happy night!

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