Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baking day today

Hey yall!!!  hope yall are having a great start to a new week!  I have been a bit under the weather lately so sorry I have been neglectful on my blog!! I miss posting! 
Today is a busy full baking day for market tomorrow.   
I am making some build your own tacos, they will get locally made taco shells, lettuce tomatoe and cheeses packaged up and either veggies or meats, plus a pkg of homemade cilantro lime sauce.  My version of a shepherds pie, veggies in a creamy sauce baked with a mound of cheesey taters on top, a farmers casserole, another recipe I made for us at home and it is yummy!   Tomato basil topped flatbread with parmesan and fresh mozzarella.
And a few other things will also be made.  I will post pics tonight when I get home. 
The "boys" are doing great and Buster Brown is in love playing with the little "girls" my mom's 2 puppies.  Abbey and Cissey are growing so quick, we took them for another vet check and puppy shots yesterday and Abbey is 19.1 pounds and little Cissey is 9.4 pounds. 

This is my mom's weeping cherry tree.  I dont think it has ever been so full of beautiful blooms in fact most of the spring flowering trees have been so full, they almost look artificial!!  But oh it is pretty outside!! 

The girls playing with a squeaky ball outside

Another pic of the cherry tree

My Buster taking a break from playing with the girls. 
It is pretty cold out this am I made a fire in the furnace to take the chill out of the house.   We sure have had crazy crazy weather this year.  Yesterday am we had thunderstorms and it was 65 and so windy then during the day it dropped down to 42 and even more blustery out.  We are at 38 this am but it feels a bit cooler out but at least no wind today!!  I heard on the news only gonna be in the 50s and sunny.  The up in MI is getting flurries so glad we arent!!   We had some nice rain over the weekend and the asparagus is almost ready for pickin!!  WOO HOO!! Love fresh asparagus!! Cant wait to start making things with it~~
Hope yall have a super tues!! I will be back very soon!!

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