Friday, April 20, 2012

Chicken Scratch Farms csa meals and beautiful blossoms

Hey yall!!! What a nice week we got our much needed rain and also some sun too.  With the warmer temps and the rain we enjoyed one of our most favo treats of spring!!  Morels!!
Those weird ruffled looking things that are incredibly difficult to find but ohhhhhhhhhh so yummy fried with some salt and pepper and dipped in flour.   YUMMY!!  We are going out to look again this weekend and maybe will have enough for another supper treat.  

Cranberry m&m oatmeal cookies

We also made some pineapple cakes that had a creamy cream cheese frosting.    I will say after making these a few weeks ago I decided to add a bit of moisture into them after baking and it also added a bit more pineapple flavor.  While warm out of oven I brushed on some pineapple juice I saved from one of the cans of pineapple.  Absolutely wonderful!

This is my strawberry banana bread.  A recipe I made a few years ago for markets to jazz up plain banana bread.  They get a touch of strawberry powdered sugar glaze drizzeled on top to add my "farmgirl bling"

Pistachio bread in oven.

Mini bundt 7 up cakes 

And the 7 up cakes drizzeled with more "farmgirl bling" instead of lemon juice with the glaze I decided to use more 7 up for more citrusy flavor.  YUMMY too!!

Regular size bundt cake another 7 up cake.  These are so yummy and moist and they freeze super well!!  We just slice them wrap in saran wrap then in ziploc bags. 

One of my csa meal options this week was my tomato basil mozzarella topped flatbread.  Halved grape tomatoes are placed in a bowl with some olive oil drizzzeld ontop and sweet basil leaves to marry together overnight.   Then they are baked ontop of my pizza dough rolled nice and thin and more olive oil drizzeled ontop.  I love a nice extra virgin olive oil on my pizzas it adds some nutty flavor to the topping without a ton of extra calories. 

Another meal option was my farmers casserole.  I make this for us on weekends when we have lots of veggies.  There are some steamed diced red taters on bottom, then I layer steamed broccoli, cheddar cheese, crumbled cooked maple sausage, onions and pour over 7 eggs for each one of these 9 1/2 shells, they are deep dish pans so it makes a nice thick casserole for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. 

Another of my new creations!! Mushrooms and zucchini are sauteed in olive oil with some crushed garlic cloves, basil and oregano then put ontop of my cornmeal pizza crust and baked with fresh mozzarella ontop.  I will say a tip when making flatbreads, or topped breads I like to wait til just about the end of baking time to add the cheeses.  they melt perfectly without burning or getting too crispy.  Flatbread perfection!! Will definetly make this again!! it was so good!!

Here's the tomato basil one baked up!

And I made some crusty baguette loaves too.

This bread has only a few ingredients and tastes like you had a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg rise time!! but it really only takes 2 hours at most.  So crusty on the outside and chewy moist and flavorful inside.  

I soooooooooooo want my hubby to build me an outdoor brick oven!!  That would be so awesome for the flatbreads, crackers, crackerbread, ciabatta or just the loaves of bread!! dream on..........i know!! LOL

And here is the beautiful blossoms I spoke of~!  Dogwood is blooming here in SW MI and oh my goodness the trees are full!!  Lovely lovely blossoms!! 

Another clump of these pretties!!  OK so I am off to finish up next weeks menu options and then hubby and I are watching a couple of movies I picked up.  One being zookeeper!  Looks like a fun movie and I love Kevin Jame so should be good!! Hope yall have a most blessed weekend!!


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