Sunday, June 17, 2012

making quiche-n-more

Here's Barb making our tomato, spinach n zucchini quiches for markets this week.  I am so loving making them in the jumbo muffin tins for personal sized ones.  And they look so cute~~
It was a crazy busy week, my mom and Barb worked at the kitchen this week to help me get ready.  This weekend was the Harborfestival in South Haven so it was busier at market yesterday. 

lemon glazed blueberry buttermilk cakes 

bread dough rising 

My lavender shortbread cookies!! these are always a big hit and this week I did up some lavender infused lemonade!!  Oh what a delish treat!!  I forgot to take pics.  I put pint sized mason jars in an old white enamelware large basin filled with ice.  I sliced some lemons and added a couple to each jar and they looked awesome at market.  A few people took pics of my display this week and comented on how "country cute" my booth is!  LOL Just being me!!

Personal buttermilk cake trifles   After baking my lemon buttermilk cake in a sheet pan I cut it up into little bite sized pieces then pureed some fresh strawberries with a bit of sugar and lemon juice to make a syrup for the cake, added chopped fresh strawberries and some homemade whipped cream

This was absolutely the best!! Blueberry buttermilk cake with banana pudding, sliced bananas, fresh blueberries and topped with some homemade whipped cream and a fresh lemon slice.  Looked pretty too.

One of my favos to eat and make. lemon poppyseed muffins with a lemon glaze, couldnt forget that "farmgirl bling"

Here's the little cuties! personal quiches

Large quiches done

My mom and I also made some of our homemade tater cheese pierogies

My mom made some ham n veggie wraps for us for lunch.

Dont they look pretty with that fresh leaf lettuce poking out!  We did up a homemade mayo/spiced mustard sauce for them.  They hit that spot for a handheld quickie lunch at market.  So this week we have the Queens Cup sailboat races coming into town so saturday should be a busy day at market.  This week I am planning on making some grilling packets up with fresh local produce and also some pre made veggie kabobs to take along for markets.  My "picnic" lunch special will be a veggie wrap with a homemade coleslaw and maybe a little mini cake for desert, I bought some cute red & white gingham napkins to line the foam container and I think I will tie the label on with some red and white bakers twine.  Dressed up lunches look cute and make a nice display at market. 
In a couple of weeks I start my new market Texas Township Farmers Market in Kalamazoo on tues nights.  It looks like a nice market and I really like that the marekt manager is very active in market and sends out a nice email newsletter telling customers about what is fresh that week and also lists all the farms there.  It does seem hard to find market managers that play an active roll in a market these days.  I am off to plant more beans and corn in the gardens and I bought some plants to put around the farmstand. I need to take some new pics of things outside.  
Hope yall have a wonderful day!!

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