Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wonderful wed

Today is already just a wonderful wednesday!!! WHY???  well for one things we now have HI SPEED internet!! NO MORE SLOW DIAL UP!! oh my gosh now instead of waiting for 1/2 hour pics are loaded well super super fast!! I love it!  I can see more posting and sharing now that it doesnt take me all day to do one post! LOL And sipping on my second cup of coffee, on the puter and my "boys" on the couch next to me.  Well 2 of the boys Bruno decided to go back to bed by his daddy but Buster and Barney are laying next to me and the world is so peaceful.  I love early mornings!!  the sun is up by 6am here now and the birdies are outside singing so beautifully.  And it has been staying light out til after 10pm!! Love these long days!! 
Egg bread savory bread pudding, this was just amazing!!  cant wait to make it again and again and again!! 

These were my little strawberry shortcakes I cooked down some extra berries and added a bit of lemon juice to make a nice sauce that I drizzeled on top before taking to market

my tomato spinach n cheeses pasta dish

lemon strawberry buttermilk muffins.  And complete with my "farmgirl" bling!!  lemon glaze

This was a taste of home recipe for a tomato pie that I added some chives and sweet corn to.  Yummy!!  it has a tangy mayo lemon juice sauce on top and was great!!

I cut up some fresh veggies to make into a wrap for a lunch special this week. 

Filling for stuffed cabbage rolls, cut up cabbage, celery, zucchini, carrots, sweet peppers and a bit of onions

I bought some beautiful heads of cabbage to make these rolls.

And a roasted tomato red pepper sauce to cook them in 

steaming veggies

some of the jars of pickeled asparagus I did up on monday

strawberry buttermilk bread

red raspberry buttermilk muffins, hmmmmmmmmm kind of nekked huh???

I mashed up some red raspberries to get the nice deep color and mixed with powdered sugar and a touch of lemon juice. No muffin is complete without my "farmgirl bling"  LOL
We have a busy busy day today baking getting ready for market tomorrow.  Loaded carrot cakes, chocolate chip cookies, dog cookies, cinnamon swirl muffins, salad fixins, cardamom bread, veggie pizzas, broccoli tomato quiche and a few more things to make up!!  I have markets on thursdays and saturdays and starting in July I am proud to say I was accepted into another great market Texas Corners so lots of baking and cooking to do!!  Love it!!
Hope yall have a wonderful wed!! time to head out and do my chores!  My horses and goats let me know it is breakfast time out there!!  LOL


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