Thursday, June 28, 2012

It is hot!!

This week has been so hot here!!  WOW, this is usually july/aug weather~~ not june so not sure what to whill happen next month.  We are scared to be loosing alot of the crops, the corn fields are not looking too good, with this drought we are experiencing and the extreme heat this isnt good.  I am worried about feed prices, they have doubled already from 2 years ago and this week when I bought some it was up $1.49 a 50 pound bag.  Which doesnt seem like alot but we go thru alot and we are small!!  Cant imagine what this will do to our meat prices either!! 
So my mom is doing a bit better today, she has had one issue after another since her surgery.  She got food poisoning this past weekend and it took her by storm, she was so dehydrated the doctor called telling her to go to er asap, she needed fluids quickly.  So we spent the day playing word games on my laptop in the ER while she got bags of fluids.  Thank goodness for laptops!!  I have to say a huge THANK YOU to Holland Hosptial!! the er staff was friendly, prompt, very professional and so caring!! The doctor she had was amazing, he was so compassionate and also he came in at least 4 times while we were there checking on her and kept us updated on how what was going on!! THANK YOU!!
So this week I didnt get alot done, we had spent so many hours running back and forth to doctors appts and so on I only had a few hours at the kitchen. 
One of my menu options was stuffed zucchini.  I cut them in 1/2 then used my small cookie scoop to scoop the innerds out, put them in a shallow pan and just lightly steamed them in a hot water bath.   

Here's what they look like filled.

Susan made my italian herb foccacia which is really the best dough to work with.  A bit on the sticky side this recipe makes 6 pounds of dough and actually my favorite to make. 

Here's the filling for the zucchini.  I cooked some brown and jasmine rice up, meantime sauteed onions, orange red yellow and green peppers, tomatoes,  celery, carrots, and sweet corn plus the innerds of the zucchini, some chopped yellow squash and some dried herbs.  Thyme, oregano, a touch of chili powder,  basil, garlic powder, cracked pepper, and salt then topped each one with a sprinkling of parm cheese and cheddar cheese. 

fitting the foccacia into the sheet pans

my salad fixins  just add dressing and enjoy!!  I also made a cold pasta salad with fresh cut veggies and a delish fresh lemon herbed vinegrette, some black raspberry buttermilk and  blueberry buttermilk muffins, some veggie kabobs(which i forgot to take pics of )  some tater cheese pierogi, and my veggie burgers.  Tomorrow will be a busy day making alot and I will put my camera in my bag tonight so I dont forget to take it with and share more with ya!!
Have a wonderful evening and keep cool and hydrated!!


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Kim said...

So glad to hear that your mom is doing better. I hope you can grab some rest in there somewhere. i just love going to the kitchen with you. praying for your gardens.