Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Monday June 4th

Oh my goodness I have been so busy I have neglected my blog in a bad way!!  I am so sorry!!  WE have had life issues come up and it has been one thing after another.  After a long 3 weeks my mom had surgery and is finally feeling better and getting around good.   Markets have opened now and I am in full market mode now!!  And wow so far markets have been busy busy!!  I have switched things up a bit with my booth at markets too, instead of all the baked goods and sweets I am focusing on more food meal options and of cource using as much locallly source ingredients as possible and with summer here we are getting some wonderful local produce.  We have planted beans, corn, tomatoes, swiss chard, collards, asparagus beans, zucchini, yellow zucchini, squash and some lettuces.  The spinach has been in and out of the greenhouse and it is prolifically producing now!! 
My eggcellent egg bread now used to make my savory bread pudding.  Never will I use any other kind of bread!! LOL

These were the savory bread pudding with Young Earth Farms fresh pork sausage and oh my goodness this will be made again and very very soon!    I will give ya a tip on bread pudding.  I cut my egg bread into nice bite sized pieces then mixed in the milk/bread mixture and covered it in a big ol bowl and put in fridge overnight.  The bread had time to soak up all that liquid and it just was so moist and delectable!!  yummy stuff!

cheddar pepper topped foccacia loaves

some blackberry buttermilk muffins

these are my veggie pastys.  I used my buttery flakey pie crust for the crust and they were excellent!

I want to take a minute to post about a local icon to Saugatuck near us.  SS Keewatin was docked here in the harbor off Lake Michigan for 40 sum years and now she is back at home where she was built in canada.  Miss seeing her there now!! Sad to see her go but they are going to fix her up, she was built in the early 1900s and so cool!! they had a museum that you could walk thru which was incredible inside we did that when we first moved to MI years ago. 

And here are the puppies!! Goodness they have grown and they are just pure love~ they sleep on the couch curled up together all the time.  One will not be without the other and that is so adorable!! Love em!!

Chick-n-veggie pies

these were delish!! We are in strawberry season and I decided to copy McDonalds pie idea.  Strawberry cream cheese filled pie pockets!! amazingly delish!!

This was one of the menu options last week. veggie topped rustic pizza.   Sliced tomatoes, spinach, asparagus, onions and mushrooms with olive oil and parmesan toppings. 

the little pie pockets all baked and golden!!
So today I canned 26 pint jars of pickeled asparagus and made up my mixes for my graham crackers, chocolate chip cookies, buttermilk shortcakes, red raspberry buttermilk muffins, cinna struesle topping.   Tomorrow we are making stuffed cabbage rolls, stuffed zucchini boats, and some cookies for markets.  busy busy week. 
Hope yall have a great night.  We are off to pick up a load of hay to bring back for my kiddos.
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Kim said...

So glad things are going well for your mom now. ANd it is good to have you back in blog land.

Country Whispering said...

You make some wonderful breads and food. I am definitly going to have to get soe. Smile

craftychick said...


craftychick said...

Thanks Kim!! I couldnt believe how fast May went by!! Glad to be back to posting!!