Sunday, September 23, 2012

Working in my studio sunday!!

OH YEAH~~ it is gonna be a wonderful creative day today!!  what are yall doing on this beautiful sunnny sunday???  I made some more of my silly little punkin stick guys!~~ they are just too cute in a vase or a basket on a side table with some pumpkins or gourds around em! 

My little "Mr Boopie Woopie Boo" in his chair next to mine in my studio! Daddy got him a new stuffed bear last night and he is sucking on the nose?  he usually sucks on the paws and I am not sure why but he has done this since we got him as a wee little puppy~~ too cute~~

I been busy painting some new signs to sell.  Love the soft blue backround.  I have 8 more outside drying, 4 blue and 4 a soft sagey green I mixed up.  And I have 4 skates basecoated hanging out side drying. 

I love this long skiny one with a family of snowmen decorating trees. 

And of coure have to do one with a birdie, a cardinal on this one. 
I am gonna do one with a black crow............hmmmmmmmmm wonder if I have pics of last years ones I know I did a few with crows.?? cant remember how those were done up. 

One of the kids skates I finished this am.  Love the double runner ones that stand.  Just getting difficult to find em.  I add a little battery candle lamp in the tops. 

Both sides have something painted on them.  Too much fun~~
I am off to see if my stuff outside is dry so I can do some more.  And I have scarecrow heads drying in the sun to work with today too!! LOTS to do!! be back soon to share more!!
have a blessed day!!

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Kim said...

Thanks for all the pictures. I can't wiat to see the scarecrow heads. All of your things are lovely.