Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bread day

Cranberry orange muffins complete with a bit of butter crumb topping and of cource I HAD TO DO MY "FARMGIRL" BLING on them!! An orange flavored glaze after they cooled.

The start of the multi grain bread!!

A finished loaf a whooping 2 pounder too!!

So what do you think of these??? I love the look and they taste out of this WORLD GOOD!!
A super recipe my friend makes alot of. So we made the rustic white loaves today but I forgot my cam at home so sorry no pics of them but they were wonderfully rustic "primitive" LOL Well I did get alot of cookie doughs made up including my chunky peanut peanut butter ones, some black currant jelly cheesecake cookies complete with my "bling" of white chocolate drizzled ontop, a batch of some of my cowboy and cowgirl cookies, and some butter cookies to maybe top with milk chocolate and toffee bits?? Not quite sure yet. Then I got the mixes together for a batch of lemon buttermilk bundt cakes, which I will add some blueberries or maybe fresh red raspberries? that sounds way too yummy!! A batch of peach streusel topped bread, 5 peach basil crisps, and a couple of peach praline pies.and................ that was it for today~~ So now I am so ready for bed. My poor hubby is not feeling well at all, he has had a rough couple of days tith the damp cool weather he has been really sore and fellin rather yukky!! so he's asleep on the couch in living room. It sure has started gettin darker earlier outside but tonight is just gorgeous and most delightful outside. I picked some squash, maters and some beans tonight but I am thinkin of just goin out and closin the "girls" in and then clean up and off tobed with my guys!! all 4 of them!! LOL Not every wife can say she goes to bed at night everynight with 4 handsome guys can she??? I CAN!! LOL and love em all!!
Well have a blessed evening and I will chat more with ya soon!!
(and the men in her farm life) LOL

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Jaja said...

Sure would like the recipe to the muffins! oh wow do they look yummy! Enjoy! Jaja