Friday, August 28, 2009


This is a rustic white bread that my friend Susan and I made the other day!! IT IS SCRUMPTIOUS TOO!! and a great crusty crust. :perfect for grilled cheese and mater sandwhicher:

GLADS ready for market tomorrow
Luscious lemon pecan buttermilk bread loaves

Raspberry jelly filled lemon pecan cake with raspberry flavoredbuttercreme

YEE HAWW ITS FRIDAY!! Hope yall had a great day and will have a super weekend!

Well we sure had a gloomy gloomy day here in sw michigan but hopefully the weekend will be sunnier!! got some things made for market tomorrow and picked some glads and beans and peppers to take with so should be all set and ready!! I just have to label a couple loaves of egg bread that Susan and I made tonight, which by the way turned out WAY to beautiful!! We also made some italian herb crusted foccacia bread that we cut up into sandwhich size pieces and I frosted 2 of these little mini cakes. They are lemon with pecans with a light raspberry flavored buttercreme frosting. This one has fresh raspberries on top and also a layer inbetween with creme and raspberry jelly. YUMMO I SAY!!
So all in all it was quite a productive week and we had lots of fun baking. NEXT week we already have quite a line up including: Susans delic cheesecakes, her cream cheese filled tartlets topped with some of my blueberry jelly and fresh blueberries, we have orders for our cardamom bread, a special request for a berry pie, some dill bread rounds and Susan is gonna make her peach turnovers. WHICH by the way if you can come to market these are a must taste item i have to tell ya!! MY ABSOLUTE FAVO!! love fresh peaches but oh my gosh these are melt in your mouth wanting 10 more to eat!!! REMEMBER we are in ALLEGAN, MI farmers market on thursdays and South Haven MI market on sats!!! and we plan on bringing a full booth of sweetness for yall!!
Have a most blessed evening and thanks for stopping by my little blog~
Darlene (and the "boys")

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Carmen C. said...

Sure wish I lived in your town, I'd be at that farmer's market where your yummy goods are till I ran outta $$$$!( Maybe that wouldn't be a good thing:)