Thursday, August 20, 2009

WET Thursday

Butter crumb topped blueberry muffins
I bought this great mini cake pan the other day and made mini peach blueberry cakes

A peach blueberry pound cake complete with my "farmgirl bling" (lol icing drizzles)

Some of our blazing star peaches! LOVE the colors!!

We got ALOT of rain this am and t storms are comin around mid day. SOOOOOOOO I skipped the Allegan market today! ;( I miss it but once things get wet and damp that is it for baked goods!~~figured it wouldnt be good. So I am heading over to the kitchen to play and then have an order to deliver this afternoon. I did manage to get my Spicy Dill Pickle Slices done yesterday and they smell good!! When I was a kid my mom HAD to buy me one of those big deli dill pickles!! each and every time we went for groceries, LOL remember those?? and i loved to drink all that great dill juice!! Now I get such terrible heartburn I dont even buy pickles anymore.
Well I guess I better get off this puter and get my work done!! No days off here til december maybe?? LOL
Have a blessed thursday yall!!



Carmen C. said...

Farmgirl bling looks YUMMY:)

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh gosh, I have to laugh, I was a pickle fanatic too...would sip the juice...I think that's why I was skinny back then, maybe I ought to go back to filling up on pickles...those muffins and cakes look terrific!!!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Wow! That peach blueberry cake looks sooooo yummy!

Irma :)