Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wet Wed

lemon muffins with fresh red raspberries and raspberry "farm girl bling" LOL

These loaves are so big we cut them in 1/3s for our use.

Here is a loaf of the rustic crusty white bread we did yesterday. OH my goodness this bread is way too good! In fact we are havin triple cheese and bacon grilled sandwiches tonight with it.

Some lemon buttermilk pecan bread loaves!! this is a great recipe that I make into cakes and with a few minor alterations bread too.

Peach Basil crumble pie with sliced toasted almonds!! A really nice taste experience!! we had to try one asap once it came out of oven!! LOL

jam topped cheesecake sugar cookies with white chocolate drizzeled ontop.

Here is my CHICKEN SCRATCH PULL APART PEPPER ONION BREAD. It smells so yummy!!! I took my plain ol white bread dough, pulled it in pieces then dipped each piece in melted butter, then rolled them in asst colored chopped sweet peppers (which we grew) and some chopped sweet red onion. Placed them in these great round pans, baked and VOILA!!

SuPeR DuPeR YuMmY!!!
WE GOT ALOT OF RAIN last night and this am!! There was water covering the road in so many spots too. IT came down by the bucketful!

Here are a couple of bundt cakes for market tomorrow.. both are lemon buttermilk but have either fresh raspberries or fresh blueberries, and both are topped with my "farmgirl bling" of cource!! LOL

Also got done: chicken scratch cowboy cookies, sprinkle topped butter cookies, cranberry sour cream bars, glazed pistachio bread, cheddar jalapeno cornbread, peach praline pies, (a couple pictured below) raspberry filled lemon muffins, chocolate chip cookies and some
little tartlet shells that we will fill on friday maybe with a chocolate mousse or cream cheese filling topped with fresh raspberries.
I think that about raps up things for market tomorrow. Oh by the way did i mention I found and bought a glass display cabinet for at the flower shop so we are on our way to opening the bake shoppe really soon!! I ordered a couple of bakery banners and a big open flag and a lighted bakery sign so cant wait!!
So have a blessed evening and will talk more soon!!

Peach praline pies, ~~LIVE LIFE JOYFULLY~~and SIMPLY~~

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