Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dark Tues!

dipped oreo cookies with fall sprinkles and white choc

Pics from market on sat!!

Ok so last night right when we sat down to eat supper BAM!! LIGHTS OUT!!our power was off!!~ see it has been very very windy and yesterday am I just kept praying we would not end up with a tree on our house!! We border woods and have lots of big ol trees around the house and these winds have been terrible.!! My poor scrarecrows are all a mess!! tipped or just blewn right down! poor things!!

here are a few pics from the market on sat. We had beautiful weather and there were alot of customers too!!

Oh by the way you know how i have mentioned a few times how I will rest up and play more and have the winter to regroup!! WELLLLLLLLLLLLL NOT!!**** I signed up to be in an indoor winter market in Kalamazoo MI!! can u believe it!! LOL well sounded good and I have not sold there before and I really think it is a super duper terrific idea! just what we need in the winter time!! so now yall can rest assured I wont be running a muck down these country streets this winter I will be busy baking! hopefully!! LOL So if yall are near Kalamazoo Expo center at the fairgrounds we start Oct 14th and go into april. It will be held on wed from 7 am to 1 pm and so far there are some good sounding booths coming!! organic fresh meats from our friendly meat man Dave, (who by the way has the most delicious brats I have ever tasted!! and super meaty good nitrate free bacon) someone that has winter greens and such, a granola booth, a few others I dont remember and of cource YOURS TRULY!! chicken scratch baked goods!! YEAH!

no rest down time for this chick!LOL
I did manage to get to the kitchen today and this is what I got done, made double batches of choc chip cookies, peanut peanut butter cookies, hazelnut butter cookies (that will have chocolate drizzeled ontop), cheesecake sugar cookies with jam center and drizzeled with white choc, pistachio bread, dipped pretzels and oreos, almond cheesecake bars, zucchini pineapple bread, pumpkin pineapple bread, and some salsa dip mixes whew! that was it!!

Hope you have a wonderful evening I am off to enjoy having lights and water again!! Ha Ha!



Olde Dame Penniwig said...

You know that old saying, "No rest for the wicked and the righteous don't need any" !!! lol just teasing...hope the roads will not cause problems getting to and from the indoor market during winter? You have a lot of that funny white freezy stuff up there, let's see, what is it called again, oh yes, SNOW...lol...

Lots of goodies got baked today!

Carmen C. said...

Everything looks yummy and wonderful:)