Thursday, September 24, 2009

Market day

~Well hey there!! Market was ok today down some from the previous weeks but still ok for us. The chocolate hazelnut fudge went over really well, as did the pumpkin pie spice dip mix I came up with and the cinnamon raisin bread were all good sellers. It is really funny to us how to judge what to make for the different markets some weeks muffins sell at one market like crazy but the next market none?? who knows?? so I just make whatever strikes me at that moment plus usually I try to be really good and organized (ok not so much on the organization) LOL but make a list out of what HAS to be made and then what I would like to make and i do stick to it pretty dang good. I did have a tragedy yesterday at the kitchen though, for some reason my double batch of cardamom bread was a total flop!! to the point that the chickens werent even happy eating it. It didnt rise at all!! and I made sure I used the right kind of yeast and activated it properly but who knows???? Also I made a big batch of homemade carmels and no go on them either!! they had a grainy texture and were softer than i like. I didnt cut that sheet pan of it up so i think i can melt it a bit and use it on the apples so not a total waste! chickens would have liked that i am sure. of cource it might be interesting to see them with a beak full of sticky chewy carmel?? NOT!!! i would not do that to them.

So my very first issue of Chicken Scratch newsletter will be goin out this week and thus far I have 24 folks signed up for that . It basically is for my customers at the markets who would like to see me off from running a muck for the winter time and at the kitchen working!!LOL I am teaming up with our meat man and we will be delivering our products to the market site on select days 2 times a month from november thru march so maybe I can keep working!! LOL

Other than that not especially much goin on it has been a steady busy week. OH i started working at the "salt of the earth" in Fennville tues am!! and will be back there bright and extra early on sunday!! 4am!! but only til 10 so by the time i get home I will be ready for a little nap with the "boys" as hubby will just be gettin up at that time.
Well I will be off to make supper for my wonderful hubby who deserves only the very best!! LOL right!! it is leftovers for him tonight~~

May the chicken of happiness visit you often and fill your days with sunshiney bright eggs and clucking good times!~


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I would be grateful if the Chicken of Happiness just slows down as it passes my

I wonder what happened with the cardamom bread? A baking mystery!

Small House said...

Oh...what a fun blog. Just love the scarecrows.
Have a great day.