Friday, September 18, 2009


rasp crumb bars

this would be considered a "fully loaded" apple huh? LOL carmel, milk chocolate, honey roasted peanuts, fall sprinkles, and to top is off white chocolate drizzeled on top!!

these are some of the rice krispy pops

OH NO NEKKED bundt cakes!! LOL

YEAH IT IS FRIDAY!~~ already~ the days just fly by dont they?
Well yesterday was quite productive and today will have to be too!
Made hot pepper jelly mild and hot and also did up some dipped carmel apples,
dipped in homemade carmel and then in chocolate with asst toppings, dipped rice krispy pops, apple cream cheese bars, carmel apple pie, smores bars (i made up this recipe and will let ya know how they taste) some muffins, and a couple of bundt cakes oh and some yummy raspberry filled crumb bars. They looked just too plain so had to add the "farmgirl bling" white chocolate drizzeled ontop!
So today I am hoping on getting some butter cookies done, some frosted pumpkin cookies, some kind of bread, maybe some pumpkin cheesecake bars, maybe some kind of chocolate mocha cake? and hopefully some apple butter.

Have a great friday yall!!~!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...


Those apples are just BEAUTIFUL! Too pretty to eat -- ALMOST -- I would give it a good try...

Go heavy on that BLING can't have too much...

Gen said...

Oh my im hungry now LOL everything looks so yummy

TidyMom said...

Oh my word! Those ALL look SO delicious!!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog to help me win!!!