Sunday, September 6, 2009

It;s almost time!!

Red onion cheddar pepper bread rounds

Buttercrumb topped lemon cream bread (before baking)
a corsage for the wedding we did last week at the flower shop, more pics on the Floral Touch Florist blog

Some cheesecake sugar cookies topped with black currant jelly and drizzled with white chocolate.. SUPER YUMMY!! these guys all sold quickly

Before baking and before adding my "farmgirl bling" LOL

can you tell I cant wait!! well actually I can since it goes by so dang quick!! hubby always says "dont blink and its over!"
Ok so this weekend was the best market all season for us!! I had alot of new goodies and alot of new customers! I decided to start an email list for the local folks that I will deliver to thru the winter months so got quite a few sign ups for that!! A guy at the allegan market on thurs said he comes to town 2 times a month to deliver fresh meats and meets customers in the parking lot where we have market now so maybe he and I can do this together for everyone!! IF you are near the Allegan area and would like to be on the list please leave me a comment and I will add ya!! I plan on sending an email or taking special requests. Last year I did get alot of orders for thanksgiving pies, including my pumpkin praline cheesecake, apple cream cheese pie with walnuts, cinnamon apple cheesecake and also some peach praline pies oh and of cource pumpkin pies!!
Oh yeah I have a funny story to share with yall from tues. My mom and I took 2 of our cats in to be fixed. Hers is Elmo a male and my Emmy Lou a female, we went dropped them both off, keep in mind they are both light grey and long haired cats Elmo is a bit bigger than mine and has a distinctive characteristic which you will find out later. So we brought them both home, Emmy Lou stayed in the carrier that night in our enclosed porch so noone else will bother her, Elmo ran under the couch in my parents living room. so for 2 days I didnt see too much of my little girl and my mom said she put food out and Elmo didnt come out just sat under the couch. We knew this is pretty common for cats especially since they had surgery and were sore i am sure. So the other night hubby says what did they do to Emmy Lou? her bottom canine tooth was stickin outward, not thinkin of anything I told him maybe it was something that will fix itself from surgery? She ate and was actin a bit more like herself plus i picked her up and cuddled her not wanting to move her around too much, my mom said Elmo still hasnt come out for them to see he must have just come out to eat when they left for work. Yesterday morning while I was feeding everyone getting ready to leave for market I noticed the snaggle tooth on both sides of Emmy's mouth and thought that is strange, then figured I would pick her up to check her incision out and make sure it looked ok. WELLLLLLLLLLLLL COME TO FIND OUT>>>>>>>seenin a white spot below her neck (still didnt click with me) (i know I am blonde cant u tell>??) LOL didnt find an incision, rubbing her belly I didnt feel anything either and thought hmmmmmm that is strange they should have shaved her little belly? went about my morning chores and FINALLY!! thought!~! THAT IS NOT my cat!! This is ELMO!! I could not believe how long it took~~4 days and noticed it was him and not my Emmy!! CRAZY~~he usually fights with my mom's outside cats and is nasty well here he was eating out of the same bowl as Chevy girl and the other cats and not a peep out of him!! I called my mom that am and told her the story!! she wondered too why her cat was hiding under the couch when he is such a tyrant in the house!! We have to let the vet know next time we go huh!!
Well I better get packing the 5th wheel, i hear hubby loading one of the tractors!! and our house sitter, farm sitter should be here soon!!
We will be staying out at the South Haven Flywheelers for the annual tractor and engine show!! this is a great tractor show!! There's a huge flea market, good food available, tractor parades fri, sat and sun and also demos of an antique sawmill, blacksmith, and tractor pulls goin on all weekend!! come on down!!! you will enjoy it and dont forget to get some steam engine steamed corn on the cob!! IT IS THE BEST EVER~~
South Haven Michigan
take bluestar hwy to phoenix street head east follow the tractors or signs!! It is HUGE!!
Have a blessed week yall!!


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OMG !! Where are the recipe's ! Everything looks so good !!!