Monday, September 21, 2009


The boys each got a rawhide chewy yesterday They love em! Bubba has his daddys ol cap on. Silly boy
My mr boopie woopie boo enjoys a good rawhide

Buster being the big brother to them had his finished first so was just chillin on his bed.

Here's a thrift store find an old bakers rack that hubby just tightened up the screws and replaced a couple and VOILA works great in the farmstand!

So today I was gonna start a new job yes another job! LOL just a fill in job in a local restraunt/bread shop in our little town. It is called Salt Of The Earth and they make abosolutely awesome rustic artisan breads of all kinds!! So I knew the gal that opened and she needed someone to help like when someone calls in or they are shortstaffed! HEY at least it is in a kitchen!HUH !! After october when the market closes I figure this will help me bake year round! And next year I am already lookin at hiring a gal to help me bake a few hours a week to get ready for markets mostly. So anyway I am starting at 5 am tomorrow instead. Now as yall know I am an early riser but now I have to get up by 3.30 to get everything done before I have to leave! that is a bit early isnt it? LOL oh well I can do it!!
Gosh we are suppossed to get rain today and the next 3 days after but ya know I am surely NOT complaining at all we have gone the longest stretch this year without rain, almost 17 days!! it did rain a bit this am but now it is just kind of muggy and the air is thick. I am really counting on havin an indian summer and a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG beautiful fall to enjoy those leaves a bit more!!
Hope yall have a great monday and will let ya know how the job works tomorrow!!


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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Was it windy today (Monday) where you are? If so, the autumn will be LONG. I hope it was windy! It was windy here but we can't use that rule because it is always windy, we got thousands of those wind turbines but no one really knows about us way out here.

GOOD LUCK in the new job. 3:30 is TOO EARLY!!! I would be DRAGGING by afternoon for sure!!! But you are still a young thang!!!