Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cakes, cookies, breads n more!

WHEW!!! what another week!!  One more major week to get thru and then I can take it a bit easier!!  LOL I love being busy but lately it has been super crazy busy!   On friday I made some sugar cookies with dried apricots then added my "farmgirl bling" some melted white and dark choc drizzeled ontop.  So cute and yummo too!!   I also bought a new book of some awesome recipes.  I did made one that I am not too sure what went wrong but I didnt care for these at all.  They are orange n cheese filled buns.   I am thinkin maybe they just didnt rise quite enough.  That is one thing I really dont like making ........ cinnamon rolls.  Not a big fan of them nope!!   They are just too heavy and not light n fluffy, at least the ones I have had and made.  Welllllllll these are kind of similar.  Good flavor and my customers liked them but I just didnt care for them.

I did chop up some fresh rosemary and made some rosemary and sea salt savory crisp crackers.  Now these are great! Also made were my cheese filled crumb cakes some filled wtih cheese and blueberries others with just a cheese mixture.These are the orange filled buns.  I did make a nice orange glaze for the tops.
AND THESE are Susan's yummy yummy chocolate cakes with a nice rich chocolate ganache frosting.  They were a bit on the plain side so I added some "bling" white chocolate topped with a bit of chocolate jimmies.  Too cute and they really are the BEST chocolate cake ever!~~
So I am off to make up some of my blueberry jalapeno jelly and some farmhouse red tomato preserves.  we are sold out right now.  
Have a blessed sunday afternoon.

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