Friday, August 20, 2010


Happy Friday!! Susan and I made some white bread kind of like french bread with a baguette look.  These are goin to go to  dinner that Lakeshore Harvest Country is hosting this weekend. I also made some squash n cheese filled homemade ravioli for them too.  I was honored to beable to contribute to their dinner.
I love love LOVE this bread it is a bit of work but so worth it.  We baked it on stones in the big convection oven and it is nice and crusty and super soft and flavorful in the middle!!
They are gonna serve it sliced and grilled toppped with some homemade local goat cheese and pesto.  Sounds super yummo!!  I love pesto and need to make some soon!!
I did up something new a pecan streusle filled peach bread and boy that was very good too.  Since we are in the heart of blueberries and peaches it was time to whip up some peachy blueberry goodies.  Here are my cobblers and I also made up some muffins with a buttercrumb topping, and peach blueberry pie.
 Peach struesel filled muffins. They baked a bit over the pan but tasted so good it dont matter.  I topped each one with a bit of struesle with toasted pecans.
Well I better get myself finished loading up for market tomorrow.
South Haven Farmers Market tomorrow 8-2 I will have lots of goodies.  Tater-n-cheese pierogi, squash ravioli, lots of cookies and breads oh and muffins.


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