Monday, August 9, 2010

Storming out today

Just a quick stop here today, we are gettin quite a thunderstorm out there today.  As long as the power doesnt go out I am good to go!!   WOW I cant believe it is august and BLUEBERRY festival time already!!  So with the crazyness of the festival this weekend we are making some new treats.  
Today my dear friend Mary is coming to the kitchen to bake with me!! YEAH!!  Mary is quite a gal and a good friend, we worked together at the hospital and always had a great time, she quit her job a couple of years ago and is busier now than ever.  boy do I know that feeling but it is a very GOOD busy job now! LOL
So here is a new one:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BLUEBERRY CHEESE FILLED PIEROGI topped with a bit of turbinado sugar.  What do yall think?  We are tryin that at the kitchen today so I will let ya know what happens either way! 
My mom and I have been playin with flavor combos and she came up with a wonderful sweet savory peach basil preserves which is awesome on beef brisket I might add!! We went to hog wild a bbq place nearby and brought home the brisket which is our favo thing in the world from there!!  HOG WILD in Holland stop on by there for some great bbq!!  I topped the brisked with mom's preserves instead of bbq sauce and it was YUMMO!!  Then she also made some peachy blueberry jam which is great on your french toast or shortcakes too!!  I think it would be awesome on some homemade cornbread too.  I may make some corn cakes for market this week. 
Mary and I have alot of ideas and let me tell ya the flour will be flyin today!~  I will be sure to the the camera with and give yall the yummy details tonight!!

Our heirloom fairy tale eggplantSome wood chicks I painted up for the driveway. They are all on sticks in the ground so far I only have 4 of them but cut more out to paint. Some produce at our farmstand.Yellow zucchini which is very tasty!
I made some of my grandmas sweet pickeled pepper rings.  We had quite a few banana peppers ready so thought they would be great this way.
Hope yall have a blessed day and talk to ya soon!~~LIVE LIFE JOYFULLY~~and SIMPLY~~

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