Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wed ramblings

Well  I did get quite abit done at the kitchen today for market tomorrow.My buttercrum topped blueberry muffins.  These are the most requested muffin at market and yepper they are yummo! A touch of lemon zest and some fresh squeezed lemon juice!
The buttercrumb topping is just butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, bread flour.
I do put quite a bit of fresh blueberries in each muffin
They look just awesome too!I sauteed some fresh red onioin and  a couple of white vidalia onions to carmellizing, made a big batch of foccaci bread and topped them with the onions, some dried chopped rosemary and a sprinkling of sea salt plus grated parmesean cheese.  These smelled super yummo in the oven, it is funny whenever you add fresh or even dried herba rhe smell is overwhelming.
It looks pretty too~  I just rolled them out to an oval shape and put them on a sheet of wax paper and in a clear bag. 
The edges are a bit crispy and would be perfect with a pasta dish or even a salad.
Here is one of my struesle filled babka cakes, since it is so hot outside I didnt make a glaze for them just some powdered sugar ontop and in a bag.  These are very fragrant too!  Babka is just about my favo dough to make~ but the foccacia is good and easy to make too.
We are suppossed to get storms tonight possilbly severe too! gee we cant seem to have a week of no rain or storms this summer!! crazy weather pattern thsese days but it looks all clear for tomorrow and sat~YEAH good market weather!! YEE HAW!!  I bettter get to figurin what we are gonna have for supper and then it is out to do chores. 
Hope yall have a great night!


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