Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back to it tues!!

My little Mr. Boopie Woopie Boo and a squeaky toy, he is such a mommys boy I love it!
Well hubby and I took the day off yesterday and just played around at home with the boys.   It was heavenly!! I havent had a day like that in quite awhile so it was good and now i feel refreshed and reenergized to get back to work at the kitchen today!!  Lots of things to make to make up for my slackin day yesterday LOL
My mom and I picked some black raspberrries that were ripe and put them in the freezer til we have enough to make a big batch of jam.   I just love these little hollyhocks they are so cute and fit nice along the garden fence.  I did plant another flat of them so we will have even more next year. 
I had several of these pretty stargazer lilies planted along fence but this is the only one that came up this year.  They smell divine! 
Pics of our black rasp bushes, we keep lettting them spread out so we have more and this year they are nice and big and tasty!  I might even have enough to also make a batch for some syrup or ice cream topping. 
Just a few celery bunches, and also some green table onions.  
We are making pierogies today and some spinach n cheeses stuffed ravioli and I want to make some blueberry orange bread since I got some fresh blueberries, strawberry coffee cakes and mabye some orange cream cookies.  I been putting together and testing a recipe for these cookies and cant wait to try them out.  They will be a orange flavored butter cookie with vanilla buttercream filling, maybe a root beer one would be next.  A root beer float cookie sounds too yummy!!
So I am off to pick up my mom and run to the store to get some ingredients then it is off to work for me!
Hope yall have a great tues and are enjoying this beautiful season!!   I already have my camera in the truck so I dont forget to take it to the kitchen today. last week i forgot it almost everyday.


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