Saturday, July 3, 2010


WOW!! I have NEVER seen our market so busy as it was today!! And usually we have until about 9 am or so until folks start comin but today by 8 am there were tons of customers!! and what a positive atmosphere today!! AND thank you to everyone and all the wonderful comments today.  Not to brag but here are a few comments about our products!! "YOU ROCK", Your baked goods are just as I remember my grandmothers to be", (love that one) "THANKS for being here at market and giving your customers so much variety" and also "I am so glad you are here as  I dont bake and know I can come to this market and your delicious goodies will be here for me"~~ LOL THANK YOU EVERYONE!! I feel truly BLESSED and cant thank yall enough for buyin  from me and trusting me to make you a tasty quality product!!  I just am overwhelmed!~  My mom and brother came down to market to help and believe me I could not have done it without them.  We had line ups in the booth and it was so nice to talk to people and watch as folks even argued over the last package of the tater n cheeses pierogi!!  I will make more this week!! ELIJAH!! where oh where is my "pierogi pro"??   LOL he made several dozen of them on friday~   I will see u tues!!  What an asset he is too!!~  and fun to work with!
So here are a few of the items we offered this week:   these little cookies are actually my nekked glazed lemon tea cakes and are so dang yummy too!! a favo at markets, and with their "farmgirl bling' glaze they just pop off the plate!!
Blueberry banana muffins were a big hit and also my butter crum streusel topped blueberry muffins,  strawberry banana bread, zucchini pineapple bread, blueberry banana bread, lemon glazed muffins,  cherry crisp, my peach praline crisp, glazed pistachio bread,  rustic cheddar herb bread rounds, loaded carrot cakes, babka coffee cakes filled with frut jam and streusel and also a chocolate and streusel filled babka bread were the populars.   I did run out of my peanut peanut butter whoppie pies and cranberry lemon cream filled cookies and also the blueberry lemon muffins early but there still was plenty of goodies available.  There was a big demand for ravioli but we just didnt have enough time to get it done for todays market.  NEXT week!!  right Elijah"?? LOL
Anyway that was a few of the goodies we had and it was really fun not to have to pack up very much at the end of market.    Again thank you to all my wonderful customers/friends that come out to buy from us!!    Well I have to run and get chores done and it is off to bed time for me and the boys we are all beat!! I am gonna try my bestest to stay in bed tomorrow am at least until 6 am!!  sleepin in for sure!
I hope yall have a very blessed 4th of July weekend, with the cookouts, picnics, trips to the beach, or maybe just layin around in a hammock under shade trees, or in a lounge chair on a deck ENJOY! 
and sip on some sweet tea and RELAX!  people dont take time to just relax and breathe anymore!! we are all in fast forward mode and I say ENOUGH YALL!! time for me~
Have fun, be safe and please remember all of our men/women fighting for this beautiful great country of ours!!  AMERICA WE LOVE YA!!


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