Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Monday Mornin~

I am gettin ready to head to the  C>>>C>> CI>>>>CITY~ I hate goin to a big city and have put it off for a week but I have to go and pick up concert tickets I won.  YEAH for that but dang I just hate city drivin~!  I grew up in a small town with no stop lights YEPPER NOT even 1 stop light in this town!! love it that way too!!  Now I can handle drivin to holland which to me is a good size city that is kind of ok since I pretty much know most of the streets and where everything is but Grand Rapids!! YUK~~ URGGGGGGGGG!! no offense to any city folk it just so isnt my cup of tea to do this!! LOL
I vividly remember many times offerin to pick up something or deliver somethin for my dad's shop and every stinkin time he sent me to the city I either got lost or had to pull off the highway and just relax a min or two!! Crazy I know but after awhile of that nonsense he did hire a regular delilvery guy!! thank goodness,  I still offer and would do anything he asks but will sure not like it!!  and I do have a slight touch of road rage~ not too bad but I could belt out some words that are not the nicest.  BITE ME...........comes to mind alot!! and bite butt and so on (cleaned up for the blog) LOL, ok enough bout that.     We finally got some cooler not so humid weather yesterday and it was most enjoyable.  My stepdaughter and her beau came over and we cooked out for lunch and sat and talked then hubby took them to the shop to work on her car.  We went for a long golf cart ride wtih bubba last night and that was so much fun.  It has been so long since it has been so horrible hot and humid out you really dont even like being outside even at night and poor hubby had such troubles with his aches and pains he would be in bed by 9pm most nights.  BUT that was kind of nice us and the boys just layin in bed and chillin at night in the ac.!!    The girls are layin back on track again it is so incredible how they can just stop layin.  When chickies get stressed like with extreme weather either hot or cold they just dont lay an egg!! NOPE none keep them inside and wait for the weather to change!!  All the babies are doin great we did loose a few of the baby guinea chicks, not sure why either.  I always feel just horrible when we loose a baby!!  They are so cute and sweet.  My isa brown babies are just little dolls!! they are so funny and just little honeys!!  The 2 bronze turkeys are so curious and silly, I gave them ears of corn and it was fun to watch them for the first time look at it, examine it then they started pickin at it.  Once the brave adventuous ones figured out it was food the bystanders just dug in and ate it up~~  LOL too cute!! 
So here is one of the bundt cakes I made last week it is filled in the middle with a cinnamon struesel and some fresh peaches chopped up.  Needed some bling and I just didnt want to do the glaze so ended up sprinkling them with some powdered sugar.  Too pretty!Some buttercrumb topped peach muffins which went over really well at market.  Muffins are one of my bestest sellers no matter what the kind is.
My babka coffee cakes are popular too, these are filled with a walnut cinnamon struesle then glazed with a cinnamon "farmgirl bling" glaze.   OK Here is my version of the popular bear claw, a "chicken claw"  LOL I know I am a bit off, but anywho I took some babka dough and rolled it out in a small rectangle, brushed some melted butter then layered some cinnamon struesle, chopped walnuts and some cinnnamon sugar rolled them up tight and make some cuts in the side. the "farmgirl cinnamon glaze bling" makes them so yummo!!  These might become a regular at markets, they all sold and one guy even came back to the booth to tell me how good it was!!  These are my babka bread loaves filled and topped with walnut streusle.  This babka is so good and fragrant if you want to make a nice textured, super flavorful, light and airy bread I highly recommend makin babka!!  This week I want to make some with chocolate filling.
And a couple of kinds of scones were made too.  Ok so I better get myself ready to go, at least hubby is home with the boys today.   I just love knowin my babies are safe!!    OK wish me luck in the city!! I am gettin tickets and flyin home~ not feelin to adventurous today!!   I do have to get to the kitchen and make some blueberry jalapeno jelly we picked fresh blueberries over the weekend and I am out of jelly, with South Havens blueberry festival comin up I need a good supple of blueberry things!! 
Have a great monday yall~~~
Talk to ya soon!!

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Anonymous said...

I hear you about the city driving. We live in a moderate sized city and it has gotten so bad over the 36 years we have lived here. Of course, the older you get the less you like driving anyway. Point me to the country.