Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Relish, babies, and bread

My friend gave me a new kitchen gadget and I am in love!! LE PRESSE!!  it is so easy and can do so many cuttings!! It is a hand cranked cutting machine that actually is very useful.   It is big and comes with a tower full of cutting dies that also will rice, grate, chop, dice, extract juice, and julienne veggies.   So I wanted to play and brought in some cucumbers from the garden and made my dixie relish.   It has candy sweet onions from VISSER FARMS, in Zeeland MI, our cucumbers and peppers, lots of apple cider vinegar, which by the way is made right here in sw michigan and the Heinz factory in Holland, celery seed, mustard seed and salt.  This is great on burgers, brats or I like to add it jack up a plain ol sandwich.  It also tastes great in tater salad or mac salad.
And we got our last load of babies in, we have had no luck hatchin out our guninnea eggs so I ordered 15 of them from our feed store and also got in some more Isa Brown hens and some plymouth white rock hens.  Miss Margaret and Miss Annamae did hatch out 3 more little babies and boy I can sure tell which rooster is doin the deed as these two ladies are white and brown and the babies are solid black. last time they hatched some eggs they came out white with black spots so it is always fun to see the surprises!! and my girls are such good mammas to these babies.  And we also got another pair of bronze turkeys.  My little guy "frankie" the bronze turk that we got in may is growing and doin great.  The 2 new ones are suppossed to be a pair but we will see how that goes you never know.Here are some lemon buttermilk cakes I made for markets last week some had fresh Mi blueberries some with our red raspberries and then a few with both berries mixed.  And my fabulous  BERRY BERRY BANANA BREAD which is always a big hit.  IT has both blueberries and strawberries cut into my banana bread.   This week I am thinkin of tryin a new banana bread maybe chocolate chip or chunky monkey with peanut butter and chocolate chips?? 
I am taking my mom out to breakfast this am to Saugatuck so we can eat on the deck at IDA REDS.  THEY have the BESTEST BREAKFASTS!! I love that place and the atmoshpere in town is charmin, by the deck outside there is a little waterfall and flowers and it is just awesome!!so is my mommy though!! SHE IS THE BEST EVER!!  I had Elijah make some spinach cheese ravioli last week and they were amazing!! HE did a wonderful job on them and they look perfect!!  This week is a new ravioli!!  I sauteed some red onions, yellow squash, zucchini and some patty pan squash in butter with a touch of fresh chopped garlic and some pepper and mixed it with some ricotta cheese and guyerre cheese and some fresh parmesean so cant wait to try that!! I thought it would be fun since we are picking alot of squash now and sauteed it tastes amazing!!These are my white chocolate thumbprints with red raspberry preserves ontop, and some of my rustic round cinnamon raisin bread.Before bakin they look have such a nice light tan color from all the cinnamon in them and after they are nice and golden and I add just a touch of melted butter mixed with some cinnamon sugar for the tops.
Ok well it is time for me to get ready to get my mom  so I will chat more with ya later.  Hope your july is going smoothly and it isnt too awful warm for ya!! I know they are talkin in the 90s this week here!! too hot for me but it doesnt last too long so I can handle it!!
The produce is just abundant right now so if yall are nearby stop on by for some fresh yellow squash,patty pan squash, 8 ball round italian zucchini, green and yellow zucchini, cucumbers, onions, beets, and soon I will have fresh beans out in the farmstand for ya!!  we are located just off Lakeshore Drive and 120th ave.  Someone is usually around and will help if you have any questions.  Peaches and Nectarines soon too!! 
we are 2 miles south of Glenn, and just 10 min south of Saugatuck.  OPEN 7 days a week!!

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