Friday, June 25, 2010


Gosh it is a hot friday out there!!  We have yet MORE thunderstorms comin in tonight again!! URRGGGG gettin sick of all this rain,but it is better than the drought we had a few springs ago.  Today Elijah came in and we made some ooey gooey chocolatey rich and yummy brownies, some shortbread cookies, some orange chocolate chip cookies, lemon glazed tea cakes, lemon muffins with a butter crumb topping, some rustic herbed cheddar bread in round pans, more of my loaded carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting, some banana bread with and without nuts and some babka cakes.   I think that was about it.  Oh and some great cucumber salsa.  Which is good on pork, with chips or even on a brat or hotdog.   
I sure can tell my boys are missing their mommy being home so much as they go nuts when I walk in the door and play and run around.  LOL I sure miss them, wish I had a kitchen right on the property here so I wouldnt have to leave so much.    One day maybe!!    Well bettter get out and do some work in the gardens the weeds are takin over!!  
Hope yall have a super weekend!!  Talk to ya soon!


mybabyjohn said...

I could just reach out and snag one of those muffins right off my computer screen...they look so good.

Kerrie said...

Oh my Gosh! How beautiful your baking is! If I were near I would have to pop in for tea and something scrumptious from your oven! How refreshing that you bake!