Monday, June 21, 2010

Relaxing monday

Here are so pics from FSAM on sunday in Grand Rapids.  I think everyone's looked great!~
This gorgeous butterfly landed on the gals table next to me and it actually sat there for quite awhile.  Must have been takin a break in it's busy day.    It was just gorgeous against all the colors in the table cover. 
Ok well relaxing...................... NOT!!  LOL I did have some errands to run today took my mom and brother to stores to buy ingredients for the week.  3 markets last week was alot for me!!  I am tired!! really tired.    Yesterday's FSAM wasnt too bad, it was in the upper 80s and not too much traffic coming thru but we still had quite a few sales.  Pickeled asparagus was my most popular item then my blueberry jalapeno jelly.    This am I finally got to get all the laundry put away that was in baskets and stacked ontop of the dryer for wayyyyyyyyy too long, did dishes from supper last night, had to print off some labels for this weeks goodies, cleaned the fridge a bit and then tried to organize some of my little signs I take to markets.    Well it is time to make supper hubby is gettin hungry and let me tell ya lately he is such a dear sweet guy he has setteled for 2 over easy eggs and toast or an english muffin!! last night however we did have a nice steak dinner we shared with the boys and had a very nice quiet evening together.  Nothin better than be with my hubby and my boys at night!! or anytime of day actually.    I sure missed them yesterday being so dang far away...................well an hour but still I felt so far away, like hours not just 55 minutes LOL miss them every minute of the day when we are not all together. 

I also hope all the men out there had a very special FATHERS DAY yesterday sorrt it is late but I just didnt have the energy to get on puter last night, the bed was wayyyyyyyy to nice at 9pm.

Have a blessed evening!!

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