Friday, June 4, 2010


OH MY GOODNESS! I have a NEW FAVO!!  BABKA FILLED COFFEE CAKE!! First of all let me tell yall if you have never made or eaten Babka!! TRY IT!! DO IT! you will love this bread/cake.  IT is a very nice recipe to work with and I will post a recipe for you this weekend.   It has a light texture and perfect taste!!  I made a cinnamon butter streusel to put inside and shaped the dough into a round wreath for something different.  Taking a dough scraper blade cut 1/2 way into the dough around the circle and lightly open to fan them outward a bit to shape the edges.  I didnt want these cakes too thick and they turned out just perfect!  Before baking I brushed the tops with a bit of melted butter then lightly sprinkled a bit of cinnamon and a few crumbs of the streusel. 
After baking they needed a bit of my "farmgirl bling" so I made some vanilla glaze to drizzle ontop.  OH if I could just send yall a taste you would be hooked I promise!  YUMMYNESS for sure.  Next week I am gonnna try them with a bit of a cream cheese filling or maybe even homemade almond paste filling! cant wait!!  LOL
These were my grandmothers old southern peach cobblers that are do delish!  I love making these and they are one of my best sellers at market.  Oh by the way I will be starting to sell at the FULTON STREET ARTISAN MARKET everyother sunday starting in 2 weeks!! June 20th will be my first day! I will have some favorites and new ones to offer there!!  Hope to see u there!! mention you seen my blog and I will have a treat for yall!! 
Banana nut bread available with and without nuts.These are my Grandma Rose's rhubarb cakes!  Found this recipe diggin thru one of her old recipe books and she marked good next to it so figured it was a must try!  they turned out yummy.  A bit of brown sugar sprinkled on top for a bit of sweetness, a nice contrast to the tart rhubarb.
Well let me share with you what today will bring!!  QUICHE!!  Yepper today will be asparagus, ham and cheese quiche!!  I am gonna bake them and take them frozen to market tomorrow!!  Will take pics of them and the progress today at the kitchen!!    So with that said it is time to get my butt off puter and get to the kitchen to work!!  YEAH!! YIPPEE let the quiche fun begin!!  C U this weekend!
Have a blessed day!

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baglady said...

YAY! you are coming to Fulton Str. Market! I am marking it on my calendar so I can come and pick up some of your yummy treats. I'll bring my Boston along to meet you too.