Monday, May 31, 2010

Making Pierogis 101

Here are the chunks of pierogi dough.  I rolled a few of the first ones by hand but thought it would be much more consistent in thickness to just roll it thru the pasta maker.  YIPPEE! this worked perfect, FYI if yall are gonna do this I went to the 5th setting, the 4th was a bit too thick and the 6th was way too thin!!  5 is perfect!! LOL my favo number too!!  Peeled taters and steamed them when done I added some butter and salt,  pepper, and a touch of some seasoning plus shredded sharp cheddar cheese. 
I first cut them out using a 3 in biscuit cutter but then went to the next larger one and that was alot better.
AND a handy little tip here!!!I used my small cookie scooper and Perfect amount of filling, then lightly patted the mound dowm a bit.
After folding it in 1/2 I wet my fingertips with water to make the dough stick to seal the ends.  One thing to note you really have to go around that edge a couple of times pinching it tightly for a good seal.  I cooked a few up to try them out.  Just added freshly grated parmesean cheese and some fresh pepper.  GOSH GOOODNESS they are yummy!!
This is the sauerkraut cooked with some sauteed onions, salt, pepper and lawrys seasoning.  The scooper didnt work too good with these but I did just use 2 forks and placed the kraut in the middle.
I did try to make them all uniform but some did look better and bigger but for the most part they will be fine!! That is the proof of MADE FROM SCRATCH!!  LOLThese are gonna be my featured item this week at markets!~
I am kind of wanting to try an asparagus and tater filling??? then maybe some artichoke and cheese (thanks to Maureen's idea~~)  Those maybe next week and they will be called "MO's  Special" LOL
Share more tomorrow with yall!~!


Kerrie said...

Oh Yummy, haven't had Pierogis in a very long time. My brother-in-law used to make them.

joven said...

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