Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A whole lot of baking wed

Just a quick happy WED to yall!!    Monday a gal started helping me at the kitchen and what a HUGE HELP she was!! She is coming back today and all I can say is THANK YOU SHIRLEY!! you are GREAT!!  We got alot accomplished and today will be a busy busy day finishing up things for tomorrow.  With the holiday weekend aproaching I wanted to bump up my inventory a bit so got lots planned.
Yesterday I made mixes up and more asparagus cheese stuffed ravioli, some basil noodles, 3 batches of babka dough which is in fridge rising overnight, and lots of cookie dough.  I did learn that putting rhubarb thru the processor does a great job!  I used our cuissinart and stood the stalks upright then used the 4 mm cutting blade and oh that was nice!! no hand chopping no more!! LOL and so much faster.   
I am off to the kithchen to get some things ready and also shape the breads.  Gosh I should whip up a batch of hotdog, brat buns too and maybe some hamb buns since alot of people are grilling again!!

OK HAVE A GREAT WED!!  I will be back to share more pics and things I learn as I go!!

HUGS!!I just had to share these beauties with ya! The iris are open and seem bigger and more vibrant this year.  LOVE that purple.  Maybe will have to some scrappin using irs pics on an altered item?? 
OH and I want to put a huge HUGE thank you out to my most loving, understanding, patient hubby!!!  LOVE YA BABE!! he has settled for muffins and eggs and ham this week for supper a few times I might add.  Just been so dang tired when I get home and after doing chores and closing the farmstand at night I am whipped!! he is such a great guy!!  again LOVE YA BABE AND THANK YOU!!you are the best hubby ever!!


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